Why Mentor?

Why have an online mentor ministry?

1. Minister to your people
How do you ask if you can’t say it out loud? Whether it’s a question about this week’s sermon or a deep personal need some things are hard to say.  Email mentoring makes it much easier to ask.

2. Mobilize believers to get involved evangelism
Mentors are trained to share the gospel in a relevant way.  People who become mentors find that they grow in their faith, as they are able to come alongside and minister to others.  Mentors tell us they are thrilled with how God uses them to help others in their spiritual journeys. 
 Mentors can also invite participants to join your existing programs.

3. Reach your community
Use media, your ministry resources, and Facebook to encourage people to talk to someone about their questions.  As emails come in from your neighborhood, your mentors respond. This gives you an opportunity to reach out locally and invite people to participate in your ministry.

4. Connect with the felt needs of people
In our busy world, people often are unable to share what is really happening in their lives.  Online mentoring creates opportunity for people to share their current realities. This opens the door to spiritual conversations.

5. Cross-generation mentoring
Email mentoring has no generational barriers. The Mentor Center (TMC) has seen many teens pour out their heart concerns to seniors who feel so privileged to make a difference to a young person. Our system helps connect each mentor to the person who needs his or her expertise.

6. Ministry growth
As individuals feel cared for, they are eager to get involved. But for many it can be difficult to get connected. Email mentoring is a perfect way to invite people into a deeper relationship with your ministry. This connection leads to deeper spiritual growth, more involvement, and makes people more likely to introduce others to you.

Benefits of mentoring?

> Easy to use: no complex downloads
> Secure, private and confidential
> Staffed by trained volunteers
> Multi-lingual: no language barriers
> Multi-generational: no generation barriers
> Customizable for your ministry
> Efficient at tracking results
> Geographical matching

An online mentoring ministry mobilizes people to get involved in ministry in a way that works with their skill and availability. Our system lets each mentor set his or her own schedule.