What is TMC

The Mentor Center (TMC) is an online service that creates a safe environment where people with questions are matched with Christians who can answer them with the hope of Christ. The system is secure and easy to use and is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. No special skills are required.

TMC puts you in control. Mentors choose the types of questions they want to answer and how many emails they want to receive. All of the training happens online and Community Leaders are there to offer support. If you have a heart for God and can send an email, you can be a mentor.

This mentoring program is designed to work with your ministry. The easiest way to get started is to become a mentor yourself. You can learn more and fill out an application at TheMentorCenter.com.

One of the keys to the success of TMC has been the low barrier of entry for those who want to get involved. We have a phased approach that helps your ministry take the next step when you are ready. Online mentoring accelerates and supplements ministry that is already taking place.

View our features list to see what makes us different.

To learn more about TMC, watch the video at: