Setup your brand with TMC

There are currently two ways to send a conversation into The Mentor Center.

  1. A form submission through your website. Recommended!
    Having a form on your website allows you to send field information such as gender, location, name, etc that TMC recognizes and uses for routing purposes. View the form setup guide.
  2. An email address that is aliased through to TMC. Useful for web cards and other  marketing purposes, an email address can be setup through your regular email system such as Set it up to alias to forms AT thementorcenter DOT com. Notify your TMC technical representative to setup that email address in the routing of the community you want to send it to. Note: We are unable to match simple email submissions by gender or location.

Messages that are sent to an email address in your domain or sent with a domain field in the form submission are responded to by a mentor with an email address that looks like

You will need to setup an MX record in your DNS to point through to We’ll do the rest at our end.