Life Issues Links

There are many resources available to you to use as you seek to answer the emails you receive. Please select a category that address the general topic you are trying to address. Each category contains articles, help lines, books and other websites that might be appropriate for you to send in your email to assist a mentee with a certain area.

Under each category we have given a list of some key areas, however the list is not exhaustive. Please click on the link to review all the materials available.

Addictions and Abuse

Sexual and physical abuse, plus resources for substance abuse, porn and addictions

Crisis Emails

Dealing with Crisis Emails includes Suicide, Abortion, Rape, Abuse and what to do with Teen’s in crisis.


Articles and resources on abortion, anxiety, grief, anger, stress, menopause, cancer and mental health

Hot Lines and Support Groups

Phone numbers and support groups for various areas

Life Issues

Recommended Books


Find websites and materials to give resources on marriage, dating, divorce, blended family, co-workers, children and grandparents

Spiritual Journey

Links and resources to items such as finding a church, online studies like “Knowing Jesus Personally”, the Jesus video and much more. Many discipleship and spiritual encouragement links to share with your mentoree

Teen Mentoring


Watch a short video introducing TruthMedia's online mentoring system.


What is online mentoring? Find out more.


Contact us to find out more about TMC.


Know someone who would be interested in TMC? Send them a link.