Trinity – How Can Three Be One?


Is the concept of the Trinity really found in the Bible? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere so how can I talk to people about it?


For those who don’t accept the doctrine of the Trinity by faith, it seems impossible to comprehend.  Based on Scripture, Christians believe in the Trinity – that God is One, yet revealed or manifested in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Each is independent of the other but never acts independently.  Each is a different person, but they are one in purpose, in essence, and in nature.

Our finite mind finds it difficult to fully comprehend this mystery of God, in fact, it must be accepted by faith.  “And without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” – Hebrews 11:6 NIV.  If we could fully understand and explain God we would be God.  That cannot be.  We must begin by accepting this mystery by faith.  In fact, someone has said, “If you try to explain the Trinity you will lose your mind; if you deny the Trinity you will lose your soul.”

God’s redemptive work cannot be understood apart from the Trinity.  The Father gave the Son (John 3:16); the Son gave Himself (Galatians 2:20); the Father gave the Holy Spirit who regenerates (John 3:8).  Because there is no jealousy or competition within the Trinity there is no problem when it appears that they give acknowledgement one over the other interchangeably.

Yes, there definitely is a supreme being who has qualities far beyond our own and holds ultimate authority, although in some areas we have similar qualities.  We are called upon to become more Christ-like but never equal to Him.  It is by His Word that all things were created.  No, He did not send another God: He sent of Himself.  Jesus was not just another messenger, He is God.  There is no problem if you accept the Trinity.

Throughout history God accepted blood sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin, but animal sacrifices were not perfect.  He needs a perfect sacrifice that would be good enough once and for all.  Nothing less than His perfect Son Jesus (also God) would be good enough.  That is why Jesus died on the cross according to God’s plan to pay the penalty for man’s sin once and for all.  No further sacrifices would be needed.  Those who accept this offer of forgiveness made possible by Jesus death on the cross are freed from their sin problem.  Jesus has taken then all upon Himself.  There is no other religion that has this possibility.

There are many Bible passages that show the interchangeable use of references to different persons of the Trinity but referring to One God only.  Two passages that present the Trinity together are; Matthew 3:16-17 and Matthew 28:18-19.

No, the doctrine of the Trinity is not made up by man, it is clearly taught in Scripture, although the word trinity is not used even though the concept is clearly taught.

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