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I am frustrated in my Christian Life. The harder I try to do what’s right, the worse it gets it seems.



Dear (insert the visitor’s name),

Thank you so much for visiting our (insert the site the visitor came from). I am a mentor with __________and would love to come alongside of you in your Christian life.

You mentioned in your email that you were frustrated in your Christian life. That often happens to us when we try to take control of our own life instead of letting Christ take control. It’s much like driving a car. When we invite Christ into our life, He gets behind the steering wheel and begins to drive. But he is a gentleman, so when we reach over to grab the steering wheel when we don’t like the direction he is going, or maybe think he isn’t getting there fast enough, he just let’s us take over.

It’s at that moment when we realize that we have taken over control that we need to confess that and give him control again. To help you learn how to keep your relationship with the Lord strong, and how to maintain the fullness of the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, I would suggest you go to the following link http://thelife.com/study/knowjesuspersonally.html

Here you will find four continuous short, easy, but very important lessons. They are complete with or without the video clips. Study and apply these lessons as suggested on a regular basis for the rest of your life. They will help you develop a consistent, victorious walk with the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. I use these as the guide for my life.

To begin lesson one, send in your answers to all the questions asked with whatever additional comments you would like to make and a study coach will be happy to respond to your lessons.

(Insert prayer here)

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