Salvation and Baptism


I was raised in a church that taught that you had to be baptized to be saved. Does that mean that people that pray on your site aren’t really saved?


What constitutes salvation? Opinions differ.  Yet all base their opinion on the Bible.  What are we to do?  My understanding, also based on the Bible, is that salvation rests alone in the finished work of Christ on the cross.  Nothing else had anything to do with the taking care of our sin condition.  It required an acceptable sacrifice, which Jesus’ death provided – nothing more, nothing less.  Yes, repentance is a must.  We must want to turn from self to God, which is what repentance is.  By believing Him and receiving Him we become part of the family of God.

I think baptism is an important step symbolizing my identification with Christ – an outward sign of an inward change, but my sins were already forgiven before I was baptized.  When I receive Christ, at that moment I am also filled with the Holy Spirit because all sins are gone and replaced by the Holy Spirit.  I quench the Spirit through repeated unconfessed sin and careless living.  I then need to confess all known sin and again reclaim the fullness of the Spirit.

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