Loneliness: How to Make Friends


I feel alone. I go to work, come home and never have any friends or people do things with. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.


Everybody needs friends, not necessarily many, but at least a few.  Life gets too lonely without them.  Do you at least have the best friend of all – Jesus?  Have you invited Him into your life?  If you have, He will never leave you – Hebrews 13:5. Develop a regular quiet time with the Lord.  It will help you to sense God’s never-failing presence with you.  As you do this you will begin to develop a loving and caring attitude that will attract other people.

In order to make friends you have to BE a friend.  Try to be part of a Christian group of people your age.  Try to fit in with the group.  Do what they do even though that may not be your favourite activity.  Don’t insist on having it your way.  Hopefully sooner or later they will like you for who you are, and will become your friends.

Try to find a meaningful place of service in the community or church.  It helps to take attention off yourself and it helps to cultivate relationships with others who are serving together with you who then might become your friends.

How are your family ties?  It is important that you also have ‘friends’ within the family circle.

If you still find it difficult to make friends on your own, talk to somebody about it, like your pastor or another respected person.  Because they are there in person, which I am not, they might be able to help you with some good ideas.

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