Job Loss


I lost my job 6 months ago and we are reaching the end of our rope. I am the sole breadwinner and we don’t know how we are going to pay our bills.


Losing ones job can be quite traumatic.  Bills continue to mount and mortgage payments may be in default bringing frustration, loss of self-worth, discouragement and sometimes-even depression.  But you are certainly not ‘singled out’ in this.  Many others are experiencing the same.  Don’t allow yourself to feel any less worthy, or inadequate.  Remain confident and do not panic because God knows, loves, and cares.  Keep trusting Him.  Pray for God to help you weather the financial storm, provide for family needs, and open a new door of employment.  Share your problem with your pastor and Christian friends who could join you in prayer, who may also have leads for employment opportunities.  Be careful not to take out frustrations on your spouse or children.  You are all in it together and you need them to stand by you.  It may even help to strengthen your family solidarity.

It is my privilege to pray for you.  We need to uphold each other in prayer.

“Lord Jesus, I pray for——.  Lord losing a job especially when it is none of your doing can be very devastating.  Lord, open up a new opportunity for suitable employment in keeping with his abilities and needs.  Help —- to keep focusing on You and trusting You.  Encourage —— with the assurance of Your unfailing love and concern.  May his walk with You remain strong. AMEN!”

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