Hearing From God


I don’t get it. People talk about how they hear from God but I never hear him. Does that mean I’m not a Christian?


Many Christians, including me, are a bit baffled by how we really hear from God.  We hear of people saying things like, “God spoke to me” or “The Lord told me” as if they have verbally heard from God.   Since there always is a fascination with the supernatural we begin to wonder why I’m not ‘hearing from God’.  This makes us wonder whether there is something wrong with me why this is not happening to me.  And, of course, maybe there is ‘something wrong with me’ that keeps God from ‘speaking to me’.  If that is so, then we need to do everything possible to remove those hindrances, like wrong attitudes, resentment, unconfessed sins, and many others.  Or maybe, we are simply not looking in the right places to ‘hear from God’.  So we ask…

How do we hear from God?  We need to ‘hear from God’ regularly.  But what does that mean?  To me it means that we should regularly spend time reading and obeying what the Bible says.  As we spend time meditating on his Word impressions will come to us that he wants us ‘to hear’. The Bible is God’s message to mankind.  All that we need to know to live the Christian life, which God requires from us, is in the Bible.

Having said that, here are some thoughts from what my pastor said about hearing from God.  This DOES make sense to me.

1. God speaks to us through the Bible – 2 Timothy 3:16
2. God speaks through gifted teachers whose source is the Bible – Romans 12:7
3. God speaks to us through difficulties – Psalm 119:67-68
4. God speaks through impressions of the Holy Spirit – John 14:26
5. God speaks through His creation – Psalm 19:1-2
6. God speaks through whatever or whomever He chooses but never in disagreement with the Bible – Job 33:14

The accuracy test always is: Do your impressions agree with the Scriptures?

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