I just want to sleep all day. It feels like my life is so overwhelming and I just don’t have the energy to face it. I guess this is what depression feels like. Is there any hope for me?


Try to identify the cause of your depression.  After a series of improper acts and subsequent faulty reactions, guilt and depression can set in.  Are you able to identify what is at the heart of your depression?  Have you experienced adverse situations, defeats and setbacks?

Your main, immediate desire, no doubt, is to feel better.  To get a lasting solution it is necessary to identify, and deal with the cause of the depression.  Even then you may not see instant results, but start taking steps in the right direction.

Be reminded that “You sure not alone in your suffering.”  “God cares and will not leave you alone.”  “The Lord Jesus not only bore our sin but also our sorrows and heartaches.”

Are you still able to trust God fully in all circumstances of life?  Do you need to re-dedicate yourself to Him anew, and continue in His will?  After having done that, continue in Bible study and prayer even when you don’t feel like it, and be faithful in worship and service through a local church.

Is there an unresolved sin issue such as anger, bitterness, jealousy, grudges, divorce or immorality?    Are you blaming other things, and other people, for your depression?   If so be restored through confession (1 John 1:9) and restitution where necessary.

You may need the help of a pastor or Christian counselor if depression persists.

Is your depression due to having set standards for yourself that are beyond your ability to attain, whether economic or spiritual?  Failure brings depression.  Set new attainable goals.  And while doing so ask:  Does my desire conform to God’s will?  Is it a selfish personal ambition, or is it for the glory of God?  If necessary rearrange priorities in line with abilities, and in line with God’s will.

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