Deeper Walk


Sometimes I just don’t feel like I am close to God. The Bible talks about being God’s friend but he feels more like  a stranger.


You have a great desire – to deepen your walk with the Lord.  Some of the things you need to do to help that to happen are:

1. Be aware of your security in Christ and always thank Him for it. (Lesson 1)
2. Live the clean life daily by confessing sins as soon as you become aware of them. (Lesson 2)
3. Claim the power of the Holy Spirit to help you live as you should. (Lesson 3)
4. Learn how to maintain this power source.  It is not just a once-in-a-lifetime event. (Lesson 3)
5. Read your Bible and obey it. (Lesson 4)
6. Communicate with God through prayer. (Lesson 4)
7. Fellowship with other believers. (Lesson 4)
8. Tell other about Christ. (Lesson 4)

To help you do this, I would suggest you go to the following link:

Knowing Jesus Personally (with video clips),

OR, the same lessons at:

Knowing Jesus Personally (without video clips)

Here you will find four continuous short, easy, but very important lessons.  Study and apply these lessons as suggested on a regular basis for the rest of your life.  They will help you develop the consistent, victorious walk with the Lord.  I use these as the guide for my life. If your computer time is limited, copy the lessons so you can take your time doing them.  You might want to multiply your effectiveness by doing them together with some others.

You can do them one lesson at a time interactively with me, by sending me your answers to the questions, I would return it with my brief comments.

Let me know if you want to do it this way or just on your own.  In any case may your walk with the Lord grow ever stronger.

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