Q: I think I might be bi, as if its not a hard decision already, I think I’m falling in love with my best friend.  We’ve both kind of talked about it, but I’m so confused

A: Dear ________,

Thank you for visiting our site.  My name is ________ and I serve as an online mentor for _________.

________, each of us girls passes through a period of development and growth when we love our best friends and we  are attracted to them emotionally, physically, spiritually. In many ways, it’s alot easier to get along and love another  girl than have to deal with the opposite sex which can be challenging, anxiety-provoking and scary.

________, do not act upon your thoughts. Accept your friend as a good buddy but do not act physically BECAUSE that action will only bring about more confusion and it will not satisfy your need to be deeply loved. It is a temporary  measure that looks attractive for the moment but can have devastating consequences as you grow older.

Can you please write back and share more about your life? Do you have siblings? What is your relationship with your parents and family members? Are you close or distant to your mom and dad? What issues have you faced?

I’m here for you and want to explore the various facets of this issue. I’m not judging you nor do I wish to avoid the issue. Bi-sexual and homosexuality is very big today, but as far as ‘satisfying’ and ‘meant to be’, I think it’s best to carefully consider before putting a true friendship in jeopardy by crossing this boundary.

I hope to hear from you ________.

Your friend,


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