Better Grades

Request:  How do I make better grades in school?


Hi (Name) .

My name is (Name) and I am a mentor with this website. To want to do your best at school is a good thing.  If you are doing your best, then you should not worry.  Your best is all that is required of you.  If there is room for improvement, than make the necessary changes.   Here are some ideas to help you evaluate.

The way to do it involves mostly simple good sense:

1. Attend classes – don’t skip out.
2. Listen to instruction attentively – don’t get distracted
3. Complete assignments as directed
4. When you don’t understand, ask for help from a smarter fellow student, or the teacher.  The teacher may not always have the time to help you as much as you need, so another student may be able to help you.  But don’t just let him give you the answers.  Ask for an explanation so you are able to do it yourself.
5. Study for tests ahead of time, not just on the night before.

I repeat, if you have done your best, then feel good about yourself, regardless of the result.  You can’t do better than you are capable of doing.  If you know you could have done better, than make corrections according to the suggestions above.

Ask God to help you understand.  Ask Him to help you remember subject matter when doing assignments and tests.  Ask God to remove from your mind the things that interfere with your concentration.   That is my prayer for you too. In fact, let me pray for you right now …(Add Prayer)

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