Question: How sure is your salvation? I struggle with daily feeling like I have lost my salvation…


I like to emphasize the importance of maintaining close fellowship with the Lord once we have entered into a relationship with God through acceptance of Christ by faith, rather than trying to determine how far I can drift before losing it.  When I trusted Christ for the forgiveness of my sins, all my sins were forgiven; past, present and future.  Jesus’ sacrifice was complete for all my sins – Ephesians 1:7.  As long as I know that I have received Jesus, I have the assurance of eternal life – 1 John 5:11-13.  If for some reason I allow my fellowship to slip, it does not mean I have at that point (because, where exactly is that ‘point’?) lost my salvation.  Rather, I am living in a state of carnality, but still a Christian, however a defeated Christian.  The relationship is still there but the fellowship with God is strained, or even broken.  That fellowship needs to be restored.  As soon as I realize this, I should return to the Spirit-directed life by confessing the sin that has led me into carnality and reclaim the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  As long as we do that we are definitely secure in Him.

The chances of losing your salvation once you have sincerely experienced it, are slim if at all possible.  My thoughts only – but the only way I could conceive of that happening, is if at some point I deliberately renounce God, curse Him, and tell Him I don’t want anything to do with Him anymore and continue willfully living in sin.  He might just let me go.

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