Bad habits or addictions cover a wide range of negative behaviours, and could be defined as anything that inhibits Christian growth or offends others. It may be in the form of so-called sins of the spirit such as, jealousy, gossip, lying, criticism, etc, or more of a compulsive behaviour such as, overeating, drinking, smoking, pornography, swearing, and more.

These behaviours should be viewed in the light of the scriptural command to “walk in newness of life” –Romans 6:4 and 2 Corinthians 5:17. Allow God to search your heart for whatever displeases Him, for the purpose of bringing your conduct in line with what pleases Him.

Some suggestions for change:

1. Be sure of your position and security in Christ. If not sure, do it now by going to the following site for a helpful presentation. Discover Purpose

2. Be specific about identifying and admitting your addiction to God as a sin. Do not expect things to happen by leaving it in vague generalities.

3. Confess the addiction to the Lord as sin, and ask His forgiveness. Make an agreement with God that you will work through to victory. Note the time and place you made this commitment.

4. Begin the process of breaking the addiction by practicing the idea of replacement. Paul speaks of it as the “put on – put off” principle – Ephesians 4:22-25. When tempted to continue the addiction, decide to replace it with such things as, listening to wholesome music, mixing with wholesome people, going to wholesome places, etc.

5. Get into Bible reading, study and memorization, and prayer. God’s thoughts will begin to invade your mind. God’s Word is powerful.

6. Find a trusted accountability partner. Share your decision with this person and allow him to check up on you. When he does, share both successes and failures. Pray together.

7. Look for opportunities to serve others in the community or in church. This is another good replacement technique.

8. If you are not already in a good church, find one. Meeting with positive like-minded people, for study, fellowship, worship, and prayer. this helps to give strength.

9. Constantly thank God for little or big victories along the way.

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