The following questions and answers will continue to be updated as we receive other questions. Please look through before contacting our helpdesk.

Server Issues

I get an error saying that “The page must be viewed over a secure channel”
You went to http://tmc.truthmedia.com instead of https://tmc.truthmedia.com. The (s) means secure and ensures that the communication between your computer and our servers is secure.

Logging in

I forgot my username.
Don’t worry, it happens to us all the time too. Just contact us and we’ll figure it out for you.

I forgot my password.
TMC allows you to reset it yourself, follow the training article on changing your password.

I tried to login but have been locked out.
For security reasons, TMC will lock you out if you have tried to login unsuccessfully five times in six minutes. Please contact us using this form to have us unlock your account.

The Interface

My English is not that great, is TMC available in French, Chinese, etc?
Translations of the system are currently underway and there are now seven that are complete and they will be updated from time to time. If you have any questions with a specific translation contact your community leader for help.

What is my Dashboard? Is it the same as my inbox?
The Dashboard is the face of TMC. It has three different tabs, Mailbox, Profile and Options. When you login the TMC brings you directly to the dashboards first tab which is your Mailbox. So your Mailbox, Profile and Options are accessed through your Dashboard.

Conversations and Messages

What is the difference between a conversation thread and a single email?
A conversation thread is a series of emails between a mentor and a mentee.

What does closing an email do?
When you close an email it will store in the archive folder on the left side of your page. If the mentee replies, it will return to your inbox.  To keep your inbox organized, close all emails that you have sent a reply to.

What are Internal Emails?

All internal emails are from your Community Leader or the Administrator. These emails include important technical tips as well as vital status information. It’s very important that you read them. Please make sure you close all Internal emails after they have been read.

When I reply to a conversation, how long does it take for the mentee to receive the email.
There can be a ten minute to one hour delay for messages to arrive in a mentee’s email inbox. This is dependant on a number of programs that TMC uses to construct the email and send it to the mentee as well as delays between servers on the internet.

SPAM and other Annoyances

I thought TMC was going to solve the SPAM problem. I’m still getting SPAM.
Unfortunately, there is no way to ‘solve’ the SPAM problem without eliminating internet communication completely. There are always going to be people who want to wreck it for everyone else. We do have filtering in place that keeps the majority of SPAM out of TMC and are working on improving it as the system is used. To get rid of spam, open the email, then click reassign, select ‘spam’ for the reason, add spam in the comment box and click reassign again.