Client Resources

Community Setup

How do I setup my website/emails to send to TMC?
Currently, TMC can accept regular emails or a form submission in a specific format. We have also developed an API. [ API Specifications for and  php ]

How do I generate more messages into my community?
It is frustrating for mentors to not get enough messages to keep them busy. At TruthMedia we like to average around 3 new conversations/week per mentor.
Find out how here.


How do I add new mentor?
If your mentor is going to mentor for TruthMedia as a shared mentor, they will need to fill out our application and let us know they are also mentoring for you. (This is a savings of $15 off of the training cost.)
TruthMedia Mentor Application

If they only want to mentor for your church or organization, the cost for training is $35. You will need to fill out this form instead. You are responsible for the application process including pre-screening and criminal record checks.
New Mentor Request

Community / Sub-Community Setup

Gold package clients can setup their own topical communities. This is useful if a youth ministry and prayer ministry want to have different community leaders, mentors and routing paths. Sub-communties answer the same topics as the community they branch off from. This is useful to help the CLs minister to 10-15 mentors. Each community requires a community leader to watch over mentors. Contact your client rep for more information.