Learn more about online mentoring with the following resources.


Learn how to mentor using our various e-learning courses.
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Mentoring Blog

Interact with others, read the regular posts that will encourage you in your mentoring role, ask questions or review Terry’s Tuesday Tips. English


Here are the templates or pre-written responses to use when dealing with requests in the following areas: indication of salvation, indication of re-dedication, learning about spiritual breathing, asking for free resources, asking for money etc. These are standard TruthMedia responses to these areas.
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Gain insight, scriptural knowledge & references, and excellent wording from other mentors who have answered similar questions. Use their insights to guide and tweak your own thoughts on the email you are dealing with. English

Topical – Life Issues

Many articles and resources on working with those that have heavy life issues, addicted to drugs, learn to share your faith online, answering tough questions, working with teens, 911 & critical issues help lines and so on. A key resource that covers many many areas and gives a lot of insight and resources to help you answer a mentees questions.
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Mentoring Tips

This area includes the best of “Terry’s Tuesday Tips”, and other articles that will assist you in specific areas regarding your mentoring relationships. There are also articles for your own spiritual growth, challenge and encouragement. English