Starter Bronze Silver Gold
$25/month $50/month $100/month $500/month
One community One community One community with sub-community options* Unlimited communities**
*One community Leader One community Leader Unlimited community Leaders Unlimited users
One mentor Four mentors Unlimited mentors Unlimited messages
Unlimited messages Unlimited messages Unlimited messages Own brand & subdomain
Email support Email support Email support Admin access to reporting
Email support and 3 hours phone support during first month
One time set up fee & Community Leader training: $125 One time set up fee & Community Leader training: $125 One time set up fee & Community Leader training: $125 One time set up fee & Community Leader training: $300
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*Community Leaders also serve as mentors *Each sub community has a mentor limit of 15

* Allows for topical divisions between communities as well as sub-communities for volume

Effective mentors will make your program successful. The Mentor Center online training has taught hundreds to have effective, evangelistic conversations. This training is available for you at a reduced cost. Each community requires a leader. TMC will train and coach your leader during the training. If required, TMC leaders are available to manage your community for a fee.

Training for additional leaders: $75/leader

Mentor training: $35/mentor

Shared Mentors:
A Shared Mentor is someone who is willing to answer emails for their primary community as well as assist with other communities for a year. They would clearly indicate the amount that they could manage. This enables someone who is answering emails for your church, but possibly also has a passion for teens, marriage or another group to expand their ministry. These mentors will have a TMC coach who trains them at a reduced cost to you.

If your mentor is willing to be a Shared Mentor, the training is available to you at a reduced cost to you. TMC will also handles the administration application process for these mentors.

Training for TMC shared mentor: $20/mentor

Take a test drive
Mentoring changes lives. Come and see how mentoring works with what you’re already doing. We will train you so you can get started right away as a TruthMedia mentor. You can choose the types of questions you feel comfortable answering and set your own schedule. When you purchase one of our packages we’ll set up a community for you in TMC. This allows you to answer questions that come in locally from your own ministry. Use this option to get hands-on experience and see what a mentoring program looks like. Sign up