How to Generate Responses

START CONVERSATIONS and encourage someone to take the next step in his or her faith adventure. The Mentor Center creates a safe and secure environment where people with questions are matched with Christians who can answer them with the hope of Christ.

Prayer requests

Your current prayer ministry can be expanded into mentoring.   Put a “need prayer?” form on your website and feature it on various materials.    You can use a “need prayer” business card that has your ministry’s email address on it.  Those emails will go directly into your mentoring community for your mentors to respond to.

Print materials
Use webcards & other tools to advertise your mentoring program.   Add conversation starters that link to mentoring in brochures, event calendars, newspaper ads and any other materials.  You can  customize some of our interactive material for your ministry.   Complete this form to request more information.

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Online ads and icons
Compelling ads can assist you to encourage people to complete online mentoring or need prayer forms.  Feel free to download some of ours or to see what we have for ideas.

>Download our interactive ads to link to your mentor form.

Presentations & talks
Encourage people to send in emails or go to your site to talk further regarding a specific issue related to a presentation.

Teens will talk online! They will share their deepest concerns and will do so with any age.  Create opportunities for them to submit responses and they will talk.  See  teen followup site at and see what our client DM Live has to say about the ministry of The Mentor Center with teens.

TMC works wonderfully for follow-up. Your mentors can respond within hours of an event.  You can use Knowing JesusPersonally online lessons and coaching as a tool for follow-up. You can order Knowing JesusPersonally cards for your follow-up event to hand out to new believers and invite them into follow-up.

Use electronic signs, newspaper ads , Twitter or Facebook to reach your community  You can encourage people in your ministry to  use twitter and facebook to advertise and recommend mentoring link on your site

8 Ways to write tag lines that work
These 8 tips will help you write tag lines that work. Effective use of compelling text is key to the success of a mentoring program.  Your organization starts the conversation by using a question or solution oriented text.   This will help people talk about heart issues which can transition to spiritual discussion. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating  powerful conversation starters.  Read more>

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