1.  Take a test drive
Sign up to become one of TruthMedia’s mentors.  Go through the application and training process and then begin mentoring!

2.  Can I change plans at any time?
Yes – just sign-up for the new plan and indicate that you are an existing client.

3.  When the mentee receives a reply, who is indicated as the sender?  Is it TMC or our organization?

The email will come from your organization.  When the community is set up, you will indicate the name and email address that will show as the sender. It is important that the recipient recognizes the sender.

4.  Where will the emails come from for our mentors?

There are many ways that you can generate emails.  A form off your website, prayer requests to an email address that forwards to your community, church bulletin, print materials, presentations, events and advertising.

5.  What are the benefits and why would we want a mentoring program?

It’s often easier for people to talk about things that really matters if they don’t have to do it face to face.  Through prayer requests and email mentoring, members from your church can reach out to the community and connect with each other like never before.  An online mentoring ministry mobilizes people to get involved in ministry in a way that works with their skill and availability.  Our system lets each mentor set his or her own schedule.  Read benefits of a mentoring ministry?

6.  Can the mentees remain anonymous?

Yes, they can by completing a form on your website where they do not need to give their full name. They may wish to disclose that information later as they feel comfortable with the mentor.  You may wish to set up your community so that your mentors can only see part of the email address or none of it. More information is available at time of set up.

7.  Why would we need to do this through this software?

The Mentor Center addresses issues related to privacy, accountability, and ministry effectiveness.  It is designed to be a tool that will supplement and enhance your ongoing ministry and programs.  It is not intended to replace face-to-face ministry, but to expand your ministry.

8.  We don’t have a staff person to manage this program?

TruthMedia can manage and support your online ministry to help you get started. See our pricing page for more information.

9.  What if we need more mentors for a short term?

If you have no mentors or temporarily require additional to help through a busy time, TMC mentors are willing to be trained by you to specifically answer your emails. See our pricing page for more information.

10.  What does it mean to have our own subdomain and branding?

When your mentors log into The Mentor Center, the software will have your logo and you can link to all your own resources.  You will have your own website address that includes your organization.  When you link to the system, it is as if you have your entire separate software.  The only difference is you do not need to provide IT staff to work on the system.   If you do not have individual branding and your own area, your community is part of our system.  Your mentors will log into The Mentor Center and have a generic inbox.

11.  What is a subcommunity?

A community can be divided into subcommunities to lower ratio of leader to mentors.  This enables more effective ministry.  (10 to 1 is ideal)

12. How does Geographical Matching work?

Mentor profiles in TMC have a place where the mentor can enter their location information, ie: City, State, Country. If a form submitted from the internet has the same information included, and the community has geo-matching turned on, the closest mentor with the same information as the website visitor will be matched. If there are no available mentors with the same visitor information, regular routing will take place.

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