How to Get Involved

Get involved in our online chat rooms and email mentoring where we share the gospel and discuss spiritual issues.

Want to make an impact for Christ?

  • People from over 170 countries land on our sites!
  • We offer a unique opportunity to minister right from your own home, dorm or school library!
  • Build relationships and help people who indicate a hunger for spiritual truth!

“I actually anticipated ministry on Wednesday night. I have finally found my niche. I love being a prayer mentor as well as discussing fundamental faith issues in the chat room.” Quote from a Briercrest Bible Student

“Ministry was really exciting on Wednesday night. On Tuesday night, Internet ministry had prayed for a chatter’s financial needs and the following day she shared with us her answered prayer. Praise the Lord. It is so exciting that through this ministry God could bless someone in need.”
Quote from a Briercrest Bible College Student

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