How Does It Work?

An internet ministry field education option available for Bible college students

Have you ever dreamed of impacting people around the world for Jesus Christ? Internet ministries enable students to put their Godly desires into action…now!

Application Process & Requirements

Students must fill out several forms before becoming involved. The estimated time for filling out all of the forms is from 30 – 45 minutes.

Actual points of involvement:

1) Chat:
Each student will spend 1-2 hours weekly in one of our chat rooms in partnership with a skilled host, during his or her first year of involvment with TruthMedia. (See note below concerning options for returning Field Education students.) Student’s role in chat could be one of the following:

  • Helper– assist in facilitating the discussion in a chat room
  • Co-Host– a leadership role in the chat room, which involves helping the Host by welcoming guests, inviting them to participate in the discussion, and stating the topic whenever a new chatter enters the room.
  • Host– a leadership role that involves setting the tone, as well as guiding the conversation with the scheduled topic while following the purpose of Internet Ministry
  • Read more about chat:
    Terms of Service
    Evangelism in Chat
    Chat Rooms

2) Email Mentoring:

TruthMedia Internet Group hosts multiple websites for the purpose of evanglism and discipliship. As a result of this volume of websites, we have a large audience that interacts with us via email. Each person that writes is personally responded to via email from a volunteer mentor. Training is provided as well as many resources for mentoring are included on this site. A student will be expected to work with email mentoring in the following ways:

  • Respond to at least one request per week as an email mentor.
  • Requests include prayer for personal needs, biblical questions or spiritual advice (Please note: we do not counsel online)
  • Students may request more than one per week
  • Each student must complete the online training for the new TMC mentoring software. This training will take approximately 45 minutes, and it may be completed at any time after acceptance to TruthMedia’s Field Ed program.
  • E-mail should be checked at least every other day for mentoring requests.

3) Returning Students:

We value the opportunity to mentor and encourage students in ministry to our world. Returning students are welcomed. These students may continue to split their time between chat and mentoring, or they may request a consultation with our Interactive Director to discuss the possibility of tailoring their succeeding terms of involvement to emphasize a particular area of online ministry. Some may assume greater responsibility in the chat room; some may wish to concentrate on mentoring. There may also be opportunity to become an “Online Study Coach” or to assist in development of online content. These options will be considered on a case by case basis, and must be approved by the Interactive Director and Field Ed Director as early in the term as possible. (Normally this needs to be in place by October 1st.)

4) Additional Responsibilities:

All Field Education students will be expected to attend monthly online chat training meetings, fill out weekly chat feedback forms, and create a journal for their Field Education Director that will report on their experiences in chat.

  • Each student is responsible to maintain a Field Education Journal. You will follow guidelines provided by your Field Education department if your school has set requirements. Otherwise the Interactive Director will provide you with TruthMedia guidelines for this journal. You are encouraged to include entries about the experiences throughout the term in the chat room, mentoring, or any other area of the online ministry from the year.
  • Monthly Field Ed meetings are set aside for announcements, training, team-building, prayer and encouragement. This is an important part of your Field Ed experience, and any non-emergency absence must be excused in advance by the Interactive Director. Exact times and dates will be provided by email.
  • A brief online form is to be completed each week, summarizing the week’s online ministry. Details will be given during training.
  • Students are expected to check email at least every other day for mentoring requests and for Field Ed updates.

5) Field Education Requirements:

Above and beyond these requirements of Campus Crusade for Christ, students will be required to meet the specific requirements of their particular school. These requirements will vary from college to college, but the students are expected to know the requirements of their own particular Field Education Program and ensure that those requirements are fulfilled.