Important Information for Field Ed Directors

We would love to have everyone be a part of our ministry. We need students to exhibit deep love for God, growing spiritually, passion for people, and willing to be responsible in fulfilling the required commitment to be involved in this ministry.

Internet Access

  • Students must be able to access the Internet and email
    Need access for approximately one hour and a half, weekly, for chat room
  • Need daily email access so students can remain updated on the ministry and review new mentor requests
  • Do students have their own personal computer with Internet access or is there a Campus computer lab where students may access computers during Internet Ministry hours? If possible students should have their own computer.
  • Preference is high speed Internet.
  • If there is a computer lab, are students able to access computers? ie- Dinner time and Friday evening? If not, are there alternative options that the school can provide for? A computer lab student must be able to download JAVA.
  • A student needs access to computer lab possibly after hours

Campus Student Leader

  • Deals with students questions or concerns regarding ministry
  • Organize team building meetings monthly
  • Inform students of date, time and location of meeting
  • Communicate directly with Interactive Director
  • Promoting Internet ministry around Campus: Putting up posters; front entrance doors, bulletin boards, mailboxes and cafeteria; Putting ministry information in campus newsletters;
  • Staffing a booth at the beginning of the academic year (during Field Education days); Required that all other students be involved.

Contact Information:
Interactive Director