Field Education


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* Please Note: The field education program only applies to those students specifically registered through their post-secondary institution for the purpose of ministry training with TruthMedia. For all other applicants, please click here to visit our regular mentoring page.

Welcome to the Truthmedia Field Education Internet Ministry. We are excited that you have decided to do your Field Ed with us this year.

Mentoring can be a rewarding opportunity as you are challenged to grow in your faith while you share your knowledge and experience with another.

Our General Mentoring Guidelines apply to all student mentors as well. Please review the qualifications and guidelines.

Field Education Internet Ministry Application

Our Statement of Faith is provided for you below. It is important that you read it carefully to ensure that you can agree with our foundation of belief. As you fill out the application form, please be sure to indicate that you have read the Statement of Faith and if you agree with it or not.

A Pastoral Reference is also required for each mentor. Click here to view the Pastoral Reference form. Your pastor can complete a reference right from this page or they can email your reference to us stating in the subject line “Reference for (your name)”, supplying the information as requested on this page. Email the link to your pastor, letting them know what you are applying for, and requesting that they fill out this reference for you.

About Us
Who TruthMedia is and what God has called us to do.

Ministry Requirements
The application process and requirements.

Initial Contact
Get involved in our online chat rooms and email mentoring where we share the gospel and discuss spiritual issues.

Field Ed Application
Sign up to join the field education team.

Pastoral Reference Application
How to fill out the pastoral reference

Important Information for Field Ed Director

Campus Student Leader
Your role as campus student leader

Field Ed Resources