Reaching Out to Muslims

by Chuck Price

During this unprecedented national crisis, many are asking themselves, “What can I do to help?” Today, we have a phenomenal opportunity to represent Christ to the seven million Muslims who live in America.

Around our nation, many Muslims are afraid to go shopping or even to send their children to school. In spite of appearances, we have an unprecedented opportunity to break down barriers in this time of their need by helping Muslims cope with the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. We can build bridges of love to these neighbors and so demonstrate the love of Christ.

Seek out Muslims. They may live in your neighborhood or be in your workplace. Your kids have Muslim kids in their school or sport programs. Do you have eyes to see these neighbors?

It is not wise to engage in confrontational evangelism with Muslims at this time. Rather, we want to build relationships of love, and communicate over time what is most important to us.

Here are some specific and tangible acts of love we could show toward our Muslim neighbors:

  • Individuals can contact Muslims to ask, “What are your needs? How can we serve you?” In addition to Muslims they know at work or in neighborhoods, you may find Muslims frequenting particular restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Christian women might accompany Muslim women (especially those in Muslim dress) to do their shopping. Or even to do their shopping for them. Many Muslim women are afraid to leave their homes because of public prejudice toward Muslims.
  • Christians could volunteer to ride on buses or form car pools in order to protect Muslim children from abuse or ridicule. Christian parents should also brief their children on how to approach Muslim children to offer friendship and concern.
  • We can initiate contact with individual Muslims to express these ideas:

“We simply want to express our love and support as Christians to you as Muslims.”

“We are glad you are here in America.”

“How can I pray for you?”

  • Invite them to your home for dinner or other times together.
  • Take time to pray for God to bless them and protect them and draw them to Himself.
  • Pastors and Christian leaders can contact leaders of mosques and Muslim community centers to offer support and solidarity. They can encourage these acts of love in services.

I’d encourage you to pray and ask, “What would you have me do, Lord?” in building bridges of love to Muslims in your world. I’d encourage you to check out the following website for more information:

Do not let this opportunity to reflect the love of Christ slip by. See how God will use you as you seek His leading and step out in faith.