2012  Year in Review:

All TruthMedia Websites
Visitors                                                6,177,658
Pages Viewed               9,108,384
Mentoring Interactions                  162,378

Ministry Statistics
People Exposed to Gospel                 589,418
Holy Spirit Message Given                  577,285
Indicated Spiritual Decision* (Rededication or Accepted Christ)                    17,085


*Stats include all of our affiliated sites

Top 10 Countries Touched
1. USA
2. Canada
3. Great Britain
4. India
5. China
6. Australia
7. Philippines
8. South Africa
9. Singapore
10. Malaysia

Timing is Everything.  Help us be there when someone needs hope.  You can’t always see the heart that’s breaking.  Sometimes the people that need help the most are silent.  They go to great lengths to hide what is really going on.  But what they won’t say out loud, they will talk about online.  Through mentoring and chat, we can be there when they’re ready to talk. Our trained volunteers are ready to listen to when they whisper, “it hurts”.

A recent conversation on the site illustrates the openness that is common online.  A visitor said, “I’m not religious so don’t start with all that god will help you crap. I’m depressed and I want help.”   Here is someone really wanting help and has no interest in God being the source of that help.   The place he gave us to begin was with his place of hurt and depression.  What an open door to show God’s love and begin a relational journey with him.

Volunteers are the key to sustainability and growth for the ministry of TruthMedia. Their commitment and walk with the Lord are central to the work that we do. TruthMedia’s role is to empower and train these volunteers to assist visitors in their online search for meaning. In fact, some of these volunteers began their own spiritual journeys on our websites. We have seen a significant increase in the amount of people coming to know Christ through online searching, growing in their faith through the support of mentors and the availability of resources, and in turn joining the ministry to spread the gospel!