Devotional Life

  • Celebrating God: Developing a Heart of Worship
  • Celebrating Spiritual Disciplines
  • Developing an Adoration for God
  • Developing a Well-Watered Soul
  • Discovering Spiritual Nourishment
  • Enjoying Worship
  • Enriching Your Quiet Times with God
  • Friendship with God — Duty or Delight?
  • How Can we Best Experience God?
  • How to Hear God’s Voice
  • How’s Your Spiritual Appetite?
  • Learning to Listen to God
  • Nourishing Your Soul (seeker friendly)
  • Prone to Wander, Lord Lead Me Back to You
  • Refreshing a Thirsty Soul
  • Refreshing Your Spirit
  • Returning to Our First Love
  • Satisfy Your Soul Thirst


Celebrating God: Developing a Heart of Worship

As we get to know who God is, our hearts begin to respond in worship. What is involved in truly worshipping Him? Is it singing certain songs or performing certain actions or traditions? Does it involve only organized gatherings on certain days, or does it affect every day of the week? Today’s world offers many opinions and beliefs. Join us for a moderated discussion on “worship.”

  • What is worship?
  • How can worship differ for each of us?
  • What is common in worship for all Christians?
  • What does it mean to be created to worship? (Ephesians 1: 11,12)
  • How can we give a sacrifice of praise when we are experiencing trials?
  • What kind of worshipper is God looking for according to John 4:17-24?
  • What drives us to worship God deeper?
  • How do we come to delight in our worship?


Celebrating Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are a loving invitation from God to embrace all He has for us. But why do they feel burdensome at times? Why do distractions get in the way of our walk with God? Join us tonight as we hoist our sails and celebrate the ways to draw near to our loving Father.

  • Name the traditional spiritual disciplines. (chat host notes: prayer, fasting, meditation, reading the Word, memorizing, gratitude, worship etc)
  • What is the purpose of practicing spiritual disciplines in our life?
    Share your personal experiences with these disciplines.
  • Why does it seem difficult to practice these disciplines in our life?
    “Spiritual disciplines are not about getting God’s attention but about training ourselves to pay attention to Him.” Discuss this statement.
  • Will practicing spiritual disciplines make us more worthy?
  • What might be some indicators that we need to add spiritual disciplines to our lives?
  • How can we gain an attitude of celebration and an eagerness to practice these disciplines?
  • Share what spiritual disciplines discussed tonight will help you enter into God’s presence more deeply. Take time to pray for each other.


Developing an Adoration of God

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Adoration is not a “household” word, which we incorporate on a daily basis. It has the ability to transform our perspective of each day. The process of adoring God can strengthen and empower us. For some, this can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Please join us as we discuss how to make adoration a realistic part of our lives.

  • How does worship impact our lives?
  • What do we do when we don’t “feel” like worshipping?
  • How is our attitude affected by worship?
  • How can our life be affected by worship?
  • What attitudes are involved in building worship?
  • How does worship affect our perspective on life?


Developing A Well Watered Soul

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Like an oasis in the wilderness, some ladies seem to refresh all who come in contact with them. Yet we can feel dry, even parched, as we seek to meet the demands of our own daily lives. Do they have some secret reservoir to draw upon? Are there practical steps we can take to develop a well-watered soul?

  • What things cause a thirsty soul?
  • How can your walk with God become dry and barren?
  • What things seem to guarantee a drought in our soul?
  • What words describe a person with a well-watered soul?
  • When in a season of drought, how can we best respond?
  • How can we develop a greener well-watered spirit?
  • What things keep your spirit well watered?
  • What does faith look like with a well-watered soul?


Discovering Spiritual Nourishment

Every mother knows that her infant or child needs nourishment in order to grow normally. If for some reason that nourishment is not available, there may be stunted growth and various other health problems. Even in adulthood the proper intake is important. Think for a moment, is proper nourishment important to our spirits as well? Let’s share together practical ideas on feeding or nourishing our spiritual lives.

  • What are some signs of spiritual malnourishment?
  • How does the truth, the Word of God, transform us?
  • How can we crave and desire to know more of God?
  • The Bible should be our compass for life; how can we accept its authority?
  • Believing isn’t enough, how do we actually assimilate its truth?
  • What ways of studying the Bible have helped you gain spiritual nourishment?
  • How do we become doers of the Word?


Enjoying Worship

The word worship first appears in the story of Abraham and Isaac, and the theme is woven throughout Scripture into the final chapter of Revelation. As you read, you find that some people worshipped in ways that delighted the heart of God, and others in ways that must surely have grieved Him. Instructions are given and examples are shared. Join us tonight as we discuss worship in our lives today.

  • Define what worship means to you.
  • We worship God by enjoying Him, a quote by C.S. Lewis, let’s comment on this.
  • What motivates us to true worship?
  • What makes a life of worship?
  • Worship is far more than music, what else does it involve?
  • What barriers block our worship?
  • Real worship is falling in love with Jesus, how can we consistently do this?


Enriching Your Quiet Times with God

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Do you ever get the sense that your quiet time is rushed and lacks the meaning you would like it to? Does your mind go into a whirl about all the things you have to do when you finally take the time to have your quiet time?

Last year following the summer holidays it seemed that many conversations I was involved in addressed the topic of the difficulty women have making their quiet times meaningful and in depth with the sudden change of routine and the impulsive schedule that goes along with summer holidays. We felt that discussing this topic with others who struggle in maintain an indepth quiet time during the holidays – would be encouraging and challenging …. and perhaps offer new ideas how we can keep our times with God meaningful.

  • What are some ways we can maintain a consistant devotional life during the summer months?
  • What are some creative ways to have devotional times with our friends or families?
  • How do we not forget the Lord over the vacation times?
  • Share some great devotional books that have helped you grow closer to God.
  • How can we turn cracker crumbs into a banquet with the Lord?
  • What is the key to intimacy with God?


Friendship with God – Duty or Delight

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be “friends” with God? Jesus called Himself a “friend” to a number of individuals when He walked this earth. What would that have been like? Is it possible for us today? Is a friendship with God a one way friendship, or can it really be mutual? How would that friendship change our lives today? Perhaps there are ways we can make Him smile as He reflects on our relationship with Him. We invite your participation in our chat tonight as we consider together what it means to have a friendship with God.

  • What are some benefits of a delightful relationship with God?
  • How do we empower an intimate friendship on earth? Does this also apply
    to God?
  • How do we learn to embrace the Lord as an intimate friend?


How Can We Best Experience God?

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Recently I received an email from a woman asking if God worked the same today as He did in Bible times. It was an interesting question because in the dailyness of life we begin to become very self-sufficient and don’t always rely on God as if He was capable of the incredible miracles of Bible times. As we study Scripture we realize something exciting about God … He is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

However, He is also very creative. In Bible times, each time He healed He seemed to use a unique and different method. He also seemed to do most of His miracles when people came to Him with their need. God is awesome! He can and wants to reveal His power in and through us.

Please join us tonight as we discuss “how we can best experience God today”

  • What are some things that we must rid ourselves of to best experience God?
  • How can we let go of past hurts?
  • How does one not worry about the future?
  • What should we expect in experiencing God to the fullest?
  • What are some of our responsibilities in this process?


How to Hear God’s Voice

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Have you ever wondered how even Samuel got confused with God’s ever-so-distinct voice? How much clearer did he need God to be when He called for Samuel in the middle of the night? Unlike Samuel, we don’t hear God’s voice audibly, and need to discover how we can effectively hear God when He speaks to us. Please joins us for an exciting session on learning more about hearing God’s voice.

  • What are some ways God communicates with us?
  • What is our responsibility is listening to God?
  • How can we better tune our ears to hear His voice?
  • How do we recognize His signals?
  • What should our response be when we do recognize His voice?


How’s Your Spiritual Appetite?

These days we often hear about some diet or eating plan, perhaps to lose or gain weight or to gain some other physical benefit. Yet there is also the spirit, the ‘real you’ that goes beyond the body. How is your appetite? How are you choosing to feed that inner part of you? Join us as we share some practical ideas on feeding our spirit.

  • Does what we feed ourselves spiritually truly affect us?
  • How does our appetite spiritually indicate where we are spiritually?
  • What Scriptures come to mind when we consider ‘spiritual food’?
  • What ‘junk food’ alternatives are we often faced with today?
  • Please share any ideas that have helped you to take in a steady diet that helps you to grow spiritually.
  • How does one maintain a steady diet of good spiritual food?


Learning To Listen To God

“Are you listening?” a mother asks her child. She knows the child’s hearing is fine, but wonders if her child is attending to what is being said, if she is really listening. Appearances don’t always tell the story, either, for we learn early to look attentive when our thoughts are far away. “Are you listening?” our Heavenly Father may ask. Come share as we discuss how to listen to God.

  • Do you think it is possible to listen to God?
  • What distracts us from hearing God’s voice?
  • What kind of snares does the evil one put in place to distract us?
  • How can one recognize God’s voice?
  • What kind of a filter can we place in our lives to ensure we recognize God’s voice?
  • How can we discover God’s will for our lives if we don’t listen for God’s voice?
  • How can we develop a hearing ear and a pure heart to discern God’s voice?


Nourishing Your Soul (seeker friendly)

Walking in the deserts of life can create a dry, parched soul. Troubling times can drain us and leave us without hope or peace in our lives. So how does one nourish a dry and thirsty soul? Find out tonight as we discuss this topic in the chat room.

  • Describe the state of your soul right now.
  • Have you ever had a hunger for more spiritual food in your life? Something to feed your soul?
  • What are your thoughts on who God is?
  • What things hinder us from finding God?
  • Can we develop or induce a spiritual hunger for ourselves?
  • If our souls feel hollow and empty, how do we fill them?
  • Is it possible to truly know God in a personal way? How can we know Him more?
  • What is the value of knowing God?


Prone To Wander, Lord Lead Me Back to You!

Have you ever shared the experience of the hymnwriter who said, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love”? Most of us have seen in our own lives a time of wandering, of distance, and yet a longing to come back to the God we love. We invite you to share as we explore our tendency to wander and the wonderful opportunity to come back to our Lord.

  • The Christian life is often described in glowing terms, is it okay to feel that we don’t always measure up?
  • When our hearts are prone to wander, how should we deal with it?
  • How did Paul describe his struggles in 1 Timothy 1:15? (we are all sinners saved by grace)
  • How did Paul deal with his weaknesses according to 2 Corinthians 12:7-10? (Christ is our strength in weakness)
  • D. L. Moody described himself as being filled with the Holy Spirit, but that he leaks, what do you think he was saying?
  • How can we relate to the Holy Spirit as a person we can personally know and have faith in?


Refreshing A Thirsty Soul

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There are times in our lives where our walk with God loses its wonder. We read, we dissect, and we study the Bible yet at times the words seem dry to our soul. How does one rediscover the treasures in the Bible that once lit our lives? Join us tonight to discuss fresh approaches to revitalize our thirsty souls.

  • How does one learn to ponder on God’s word?
  • How can we tame the “hurrysickness” of life that robs us of time with God?
  • What things parch your soul?
  • What things deepen your delight of God’s word?
  • Where does one develop passion to read the scriptures?
  • Share unique ways to study the heart of God.
  • How can we avoid the mistakes of only learning knowledge but missing the heart of God in our quiet times?


Refreshing Your Spirit

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A cool glass of water in a heat wave quenches our thirst, but what about our spirit? We can become downcast and heavy-burdened and the more we try to relieve the burden, the heavier the load seems to become. There seems to be no energy to refresh our spirit. Please join us as we share tools to overcome the dryness and ache in our lives.

  • How do you feed the spiritual part of your life?
  • What are the signs of spiritual dryness in ones life?
  • How can we overcome spiritual barrenness and refresh our souls?
  • What hinders spiritual growth?
  • How does one find true spiritual freedom?


Returning to Our First Love

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If someone asked you, “When were you the very closest to God?” how would you respond? Have you ever loved God more than you do today? Have you ever been more sure of His love for you than you are at this moment? Was it in recent days, or has it been some time ago, perhaps in those first few weeks you knew Him, or perhaps in a time of seeing Him work in some special need you faced? Think back to that time. Remember the love you knew for God as well as the love you knew God has for you. How did it change your life, your daily routine, the way you interacted with God and others? Let’s consider together the possibility of returning to that first love.

  • Has your spirit moved away from God? What would it take for you to return to that first love?
  • Is it possible to serve without loving? Is it possible to love without serving?
  • What causes us to lose our first love and passion for Christ?
  • What are some of the consequences of straying from a strong relationship with Jesus?
  • What is necessary to maintain a vital and growing relationship with Christ?
  • How can we protect our spirit from wandering?
  • How does one love the Lord our God with all our strength, mind, and spirit?


Satisfy Your Soul Thirst

Are you looking for something to satisfy the deepest desires of your heart? Join the discussion to discover a new life that can satisfy and bring joy to quench the deepest thirst!

  • Everyone of us has times of spiritual thirst, how does yours portray itself? (host notes: restlessness, boredom, finding hobbies, seek God, turn to alcohol etc)
  • Where do you go to find satisfaction for your soul?
  • In John 7:37,38 and John 4:14 what incredible offer does Jesus give us?
  • How does living water satisfy our soul? How does this bring new life to us?
  • What does one need to do to become permanently infused with the working of the Holy Spirit?
  • What are the signs that we are working against the flow of the Holy Spirit? (host notes: frustration, own agenda, resistance)
  • How does cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit?
  • Close in a time of prayer to submit and surrender to the fresh working of the Holy Spirit in our lives.