Chat Curriculum

closetissues50.jpgAt-a-Glance Chat Curriculum

Includes a listing of chat titles with the links of where you can locate the chats. 

newchat50.jpgNew Chat Curriculum

Includes topics newly added to our chat curriculum.

authorchat50.jpgAuthor Chats

Includes topics written for discussions with a guest author present during the session.

beauty50.jpgBeauty and Self-Esteem

This section contains curriculum related to self-esteem, inner beauty, and womanhood.

biblestudy50.jpgBible Study Series

A group of studies focused specifically on spiritual growth with chats about the character of God, the passion of Christ, Portraits of the Christ and a deeper look into the books of Philippians and 1 and 2 Peter. 

closetissues50.jpgCloset Issues

Includes discussions dealing with painful and often private issues such as abortion, addictions, forgiveness, anger, shame and more.

conversation50.jpgConversation Starters and Mini-Chats

Includes 31 Questions-a-Day mini-chats, 15-minute devotional chats, Gail Rodgers, 15-minute DaVinci Code chats, and The Truth of Who Jesus Is.

spiritualgrowth50.jpgSpiritual Growth

Includes topics such as living joyfully, living with purpose, communicating effectively, developing a consistent devotional life, and more.


Includes chats that touch on physical, spiritual and emotional health issues.

marriagfamily50.jpgMarriage and Family

Includes chats on engagement and marriage, and further chats and developing a healthy marriage. Also includes chat curriculum related to parents, grandparents, values and the sandwich generation.


Includes topics on debt, personal finance and stewardship from a Biblical perspective.


Includes chat topics concerning prayer.

seasonal50.jpgSeasonal Themes

Includes a selection of chat curriculum related to various holidays including New Year’s, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more.

training50.jpgTraining Tools

Includes curriculum on sharing our faith, mentoring, leadership, and other tools to equip a believer to reach his/her world.

womenmen50.jpgWomen and Men

Includes chat curriculum about relationships, women, men, and friendship.


Includes chats about how our faith impacts our lives in the workplace.