Terms of Service

Please follow these stated guidelines.

In any community, there are certain expectations of acceptable behavior.  These Terms outline that responsibility on the part of our Interactive Community. The term *Interactive* covers all interactive areas of our site. By using any of our interactive areas, you agree to follow the stated Terms of Service and all guidelines stated therein. TruthMedia sites encourage online communities characterized by grace and truth.  We desire to foster discussion of significant spiritual questions. While we ask that each participant extend respect and understanding toward those who hold other views, we reserve the right to limit content or involvement which is inconsistent with our Statement of Faith.

In order to make our interactive areas a safe and stimulating place:

1.  We assume that Interactive users have read and agreed to these Terms of Service and, by occasional rereading of them, be aware of changes and updates to the text.

2.  We strive to provide a safe and sensitive chat environment. However, participate at your own risk. While we are committed to maintaining respect and good manners, our interactive areas are designed for adults. We cannot be responsible for the safety of children and youth. Children under the age of 13 will be asked to leave the room.

3.  Our site is not to be used for any unlawful purpose, any posting of foul, vulgar, obscene, or sexually explicit language, racial epithets or hateful words, or variations on such words spelled so as to suggest such words.

4.  Nicknames that are inappropriate will be banned or be asked to change the nick at the discretion of the interactive administrators. (Names with sexual connotations are not permitted.)

5.  Our Interactive areas are public. Some areas require registration. All Interactive areas are subject to monitoring by a team of moderators/administrators. Please note that all chat conversation may be monitored by a team member or transcript.  A monitor may be present even if you do not see an administrative nick on a user list.

6.  Consistent disruption of focused dialogue or acting in a manner that negatively affects other members will not be permitted. During scheduled topic chats, we ask that all comments and questions pertain to the discussion at hand.

7.  We reserve the right to respond to the violation of any of the above Terms of Service.

8.  We reserve the right to edit or delete any interactive material that is in violation of our Terms of Service.

9.  The opinions expressed are **not necessarily** those of the host site or administrators.

The administrators are appointed by our Directors to lead and facilitate discussion in our interactive areas.

Monitor will occasionally visit the chat room and is part of our administrative team. Please comply with all requests made by Monitor. (Chat Feedback may be used to address any concerns to the site.)


Please refrain from advertisements or promotions of personal websites, business or asking for money for any purpose. Users who persist in advertisement/promotion/asking for money will be banned.


We allow users to post helpful links in response to questions in our interactive areas with the following conditions:

1.  Links must be consistent with the purpose of the site.

2.  Links may not be advertising or considered advertising.  Links to personal sites or business are not permitted.

3.  Links must be posted in response to specific questions or needs within the conversation.

4.  Repeated posting of a link or posting of links that is disruptive to the conversation is not appropriate and will be considered spamming and can result in banning.

5.  When an administrator requests links to not be posted, please honor that request.

6.  Discussion board registration may not include website links.  Such registrations will be deleted.

7.  Third party links are not necessarily endorsed by the host of this site. Please use discernment when reviewing links given to you by others.

8. In the chat rooms: Honor the request of any administrator in the room if you are requested not to post a link. Continued posting is a violation of Terms of Service and may result in banning from the room.


Any one of the following activities will be viewed as slander/gossip/dissention, and may result in a ban.

1.  Emailing or discussion with other users, in a negative combative way, the decisions of the administrators.

2.  Discussing other users in any negative or unkind way. (i.e. gossip)

3.  Sharing news about others without explicit permission, whether the news is positive or negative. (Allow people to share their own stories. If another user has asked you to share a message for them, please be sure to let the room know that you are sharing at their request, and that the content of the message is in keeping with the purposes of the room.)

4.  “Attacking” another user in any way, whether it be under your normal user name, or with a different user name.

5.  Bringing a private matter into a public forum. When you have an issue with another user, please try to resolve it between you and the person, and if that is not possible, then please take it to the leadership of the site using Chat Feedback.  Do not bring a private matter to a public forum such as chat or a blog.

6.  Entering a chat room as multiple users at the same time may result in immediate expelling.

The following attitudes will help to make our interactive areas a safe place for all visitors. Violation in these matters will result in a letter of reprimand if an email address is available, but continued activity in any of these areas may result in banning.

1.  Be culturally sensitive. Enjoy learning from others and apply grace. We have visitors from around the world, coming from many various perspectives and cultures. Please offer grace to each.

2.  Refrain from debate.

3.  Don’t flood the Chat Room with repeated or long messages, preventing others from participating in the conversation.

4. Be considerate in the timing and use of humor.

5.  Do not include users on email lists without their express permission. Email addresses are considered private information, and should not be posted in chat.

6.  Do not press your point of view regarding someone’s problem to the point that it is argumentative. People are free to make their own decisions. Opinions are welcome.  Making negative comments when the person chooses not to agree is not acceptable, even if it is an important decision.

7. The private chat feature is limited to use by the administrative team.

8. The majority of chats are co-ed, however certain chats or specific rooms (such as the room on Christian Women Today) are women only.  These are clearly marked.  Occasionally, men do show up in the women-only areas.  While we do not encourage them to stay, we should still be welcoming to them, and see if we can minister to them.  We can do this by a) answering their questions b) inviting them to write email mentoring for a specific problem. c)being aware that they also need the Lord, and may be seeking to grow spiritually. It is not our intention to make CWT co-ed, but neither is it our intention to make CWT so unwelcoming that we chase men away. Men who break the terms of service will be dealt with.