Evangelize Online

Chat rooms are often referred to a "cyber-park" where individuals congregate from all around the world. The focus of our chat rooms is evangelism and discipleship as well as encouragement through prayer.

Participate in a Global ministry from the comfort of your home

Ministering to the remotest parts of the world has never been so accessible. By simply logging onto your computer, connecting to a chat room, you can share with individuals from every walk of life. We have open-forum chat times where individuals participate in unmoderated discussion and are able to minister to one another. There is also a unique and effective online small group ministry which has a diverse range of topic led discussions for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship where as many as 15 to 25 people participate in per session.

Discover how you can minister effectively online.

There are certain strategies and techniques that are effective in transitioning conversations to things of God. A variety of different beliefs and backgrounds are usually represented. You can learn to sensitively share the gospel and disciple women and men in the chat room with people representing from any of the 180 countries which come to visit the websites, Women Today Magazine, Christian Women Today and The Life.  Many have surprised themselves by the vibrant ministries they have discovered in the chat room. In the past several years, we have discovered several tips that you may find helpful.

Develop effective ways of communicating online

  • Have a listening ear, welcome people in and ask them some questions about where they are from, what they do for work etc., take time to visit with them.
  • Use gentleness in your conversation and encouraging words when communicating, remember word in print can seem very bold to the recipient. Typing in full caps is considered shouting.

Transition techniques to spiritual conversations

  • Use spiritual openers like, ‘where are you in your spiritual journey?’
  • Asking "is there a way I can pray for you?" may open the door to further conversation. Allow each user to share their requests as they feel lead to do so. Refrain from sharing that information to update others as they enter the room.
  • Partner with a friend, by doing so you can each help to both guide the conversation as well as lead into testimony sharing.
  • Respect and understand other people’s views, avoid coming across as self righteous….practice grace not debate.
  • Avoid try to sell religion, allow the Holy Spirit to open hearts.
  • Remember that God works in each heart differently, so allow others to share their spiritual journey because we never know what story God will use to touch another’s heart.
  • Use Spiritual language that people can easily relate to
  • Use words that talk of a relationship with Christ rather than rules or religion.
  • Use your sense of humor to add to the comfort level of the conversation.
  • Try to use everyday language and avoid the ‘christianize’ language, this is unknown to seeking people.
  • Avoid criticizing other religions and users

Utilize and recommend the website resources

  • Remember that we are all part of the "body of Christ" and that God has gifted us all for various purposes. Encourage users to use the resources offered on the sites, such as Dr. Muriel, Journey of Joy, and Email Mentoring as these resources also represent the work of the Lord.
  • Always respect the administrators when they choose to guide users to the various resources available on the sites.

Pray and leave the results to God Pray, pray, pray and take every opportunity to lead into spiritual conversations. Present the Gospel …and leave the results to God. "Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you." Matthew 28: 19, 20 And may the Lord bless each of you!