Many of TruthMedia’s websites feature chat rooms to provide an arena where Bible-based evangelism and discipleship can occur in a safe, welcoming community. The purpose of each chat room is to glorify God and allow the Holy Spirit to teach, encourage, and change lives.
We use moderated or hosted chats to allow for focused discussion groups that elicit ministry. Open chat rooms build community and provide a place for ministry to happen on an informal basis. The terms of service apply to both open and moderated chats.

chat50.jpgChat Basics

Get the basic information about how to lead chat in this section.

curriculm55.jpgChat Curriculum

Find our chat topics here along with their descriptions.


Information for chat moderators about how to communicate effectively in the and deal with tough issues in the chat room.

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Material for TM chat moderators can be found here. Please note that you will only be able to access these pages with a password!

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Further resources for those involved in chat or those who would like to learn more about it.

Chat rooms

The Lighthouse – Discipleship & Evangelism, Women’s Chat.
Purpose: This chat room is designed to encourage women in their walk with God either through sharing the Gospel to those who are seeking or discipling believers in their faith. Please remember that unbelievers are warmly welcomed in this evangelistic chat room.
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Closed: 2 am – 6 am Eastern -“About Jesus”, Co-ed Chat.
Purpose: Designed to engage people in a discussion on the life of Jesus, and how His life impacts our lives today.
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Closed: 2 am – 6 am Eastern

Conference – Training & Prayer Chat
Join us in prayer for the ministry of TruthMedia every Tuesday at Noon Eastern.
This room is normally closed except for reserved and scheduled sessions.