What’s in Your Pipes?

Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form. All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites PowertoChange.com and thelife.com (discipleship for Christians).

NEW LIFE! It’s a new season, and our ministry newsletter is celebrating by changing to a new look, to reflect our new name. Look for this in the next few weeks:

PrayerNLTRBanner Last year we changed our name from TruthMedia to The Life Project. We’re still the same ministry of Power to Change, Canada, leading people to Jesus Christ, one by one in the online world, and challenging them to grow in and share their faith with others. Thank-you for praying with us! Many of you have been prayer partners with us for years, and we are very grateful 🙂 Please feel free to let us know your comments or questions. _______________________________________________________________________________ “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45 _______________________________________________________________________________ I turned on the tap the other day to find brown water flowing into my bathroom sink. This happens every once in a while in our home, and when it does, we are ready to declare a natural disaster and evacuate. Why? Brown water is disgusting. We don’t want it in our bodies, never mind in our pipes. If only I would be as concerned with the words that flow out of my mouth! Read more… _______________________________________________________________________________ MONDAY Ministry Prayer   On Tues. the 28th, all Power to Change staff worldwide, including our team, will spend the day in prayer. Please pray for us to have nothing hindering us from hearing from the Lord and praying according to His direction. Please pray for unity to be protected and enhanced, bringing exponential fruit for His kingdom in the year ahead!   TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth   Hello. I don’t believe in god but that does not mean he is not real.I have never really bought the whole ‘god is up there-god is here with us’ story. I honeslty think that idea is ridiculous.The fact that we are here to live for someone, to pay for our sins, that somebody who is just like us, human, made us…i just don’t buy it. Yet I once did. I am struggling with two things right now: my relationship with my boyfriend and pressure, and also, my Aunt had a heart attack just last night, and I would like somebody to help me through this even if it’s just through prayer, anything please!       TUESDAY Ministry Technology   Please continue to pray for our tech team as they continue to develop new parts of our mentor reply software. Please pray for God’s guidance for them so that what is created now will not need much changing in the future, and that it will be reliable and yet work flexibly.   TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety   I lost my 21 year old daughter 4 yrs ago to brain cancer. And my 12 yr old nephew who was like my son to epilepsy 2 yrs before that. I feel no longet close to God. I live in fear now of losing my other loved ones. I miss my departed loved ones so much and I ask God why did this have to happen. Have I truly lost my faith? I feel torn apart. I smile on the outside but my heart cries on the inside. He is divorced with two kids an 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy. We get them every other weekend. I have grown a close bond with his kids as if they are my own. Two weeks ago his son passed away in his sleep. He had strep throat and sleep apnea and was at his ex wife’s house when this happened. Sometimes I can comprehend what happened but then I start bawling hysterically and then I get numb again. I can’t imagine what my significant other is going through right now.       WEDNESDAY Ministry Help   Please pray for the Lord to bring someone to help our Mentoring Director regularly with administrative duties! He’s been without this kind of help for over a year now.   TMC Online Requests: Family and Finances   pray for the relationship i had with my mother to get right for me and my children’s father to come back together all 5 of my kids love him and so do I pray that we get the financial blessing to get into our own home i also pray for salvation for my kids dad my brother my sister my whole family   My school notified me that my 13-year-old daughter had intentionally cut herself – a series of small cuts on the wrist. This was a complete shock. I had thought she was happy, well-adjusted, emotionally strong etc. She had end of term assessments coming up and was a little stressed, but nothing that I thought she wasnt coping with. I had thought my daughter and I were close so I was, and still am, thoroughly bewildered.       THURSDAY Ministry Health  

Please pray for health for our team and their families. Lately there have been many who have gotten sick.

  TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships  

I was married for 9years, got divorced, andi reunited with my first boyfriend after 18 years. we each have kids from before and kids together. my new relationship is always up and down i love this man but 2 years in this relationship he was on drugs i never new. Always arguing getting physical with me,and he always brings up his child hood,he had been beaten by his mother because of hid father abandonment he has so much anger i love him ,but I’m so confused.

My ex husnand and I never had a trustworthy relationship. Now I’m with someone

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else and pregnant with his child. Well one day he opened up and told me he never wanted to commit to someone before he met me. It really made me happy. As time went on little things would happen but he would say that it “wasn’t what it looks like”. Ultimately I began to lose trust and got pretty insecure. I always feel like I have to question his motives and what he would or wouldn’t really do. How can I fix this?     FRIDAY Ministry Mentors   Please pray for the Lord to send us more mentors who are willing to talk about their or their loved one’s struggles with pornography, suicide, depression, and debt.   TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth   I feel as if I am drifting away from God because of my sins. Like He will not love me anymore because I continue to commit the same terrible sin over and over again. Does He really forgive all of our sins, no matter how big they

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are? I have trouble with believing that and that He has an undying love for us. I believe in God but I am having such a hard time a pray but I don’t feel like he is listening. How do I put all my love in God. How do I show my faith in God

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