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these last few months developing new mentor training and it’s almost ready for you! In April we released our Introductory Mentor Training and mobile user-interface. Mentors can now respond to messages within a matter of seconds. By increasing response speed, we are seeing even more spiritual conversations started. Since then, we have also completely rebuilt and launched our new basic mentoring online training system. This dynamic training consists of 8 modules, complete with videos, study notes and quiz questions to ensure you are equipped with the tools you will need. We are presently in the testing phase, receiving valuable feedback from some of our mentors. Though each of you is already trained, we want to use this as a time to refresh your training. It will also be helpful for you to know what the new training is like as you invite others to also become mentors. Concurrently, we’ve been working on a new basic mentoring interface designed to help you strategically lead people on a spiritual journey. Its compatibility with any Internet device enables you as mentors to engage even more in sharing the gospel and discipling new believers. We are just doing the final pieces and some more testing and in just a few weeks, hopefully within the month, it will be ready for you! So watch my emails to hear when you can get your first peek and go through it yourself! I went through it last week and can hardly wait for you to see it too. We really will want to hear back from you as to what you think about the new training and system. Terri

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