Chasing Happiness

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“To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness…” Ecclesiastes 2:26
What do you crave? For Esther, it’s always been happiness. She chased after it in parties, in
fashion and relationships. It worked for a while. But one day a police car hit her mother, badly
injuring her and Esther’s heart broke. She used the unfairness of what had happened as the justification
for a string of bad decisions. Where was she supposed to find happiness now?  Watch here…


Ministry Discernment

Please continue to pray for the editors working on the Treasure films, that the Lord would continue to give them discernment and stamina, to finish the edits within our needed deadlines.

TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth 

I’ve been dealing with a lot this month. I had to deal with the suicide of a friend and the death of a family member, all while starting school back up again.

My doctor knows I have regular suicidal thoughts, but I havnt really tried to end my life before and I think im too scared to.   Im sorry but I don’t believe in god, I hope this isn’t offensive, im not against people who do, I just don’t myself, thank you for praying though.



Ministry Adaptation

Please pray for Chris, taking over to manage the technical side of TMC.  We are grateful for his quick adaptation, but please pray that the Lord would continue to give him supernatural wisdom and understanding, to climb the steep learning curve.

TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety

Please pray for me. I am completely depressed in my last year of the PhD program here as I see no future prospects. As a non EU citizen it is hard to find a job here.  I live in misery regretting my choice to do the PHD here, and I either worry about the future or regretting the past. I often think of death.  Please pray that god will touch me, and that I will have peace and hope for the future.

I also wish to see angels helping me out of my addiction, as the lord is my only hope, I trust you lord and please let me live in peace. Set me free and settle the things as before! Amen in the name of Jesus Christ!



Ministry Clarity

Please pray for direction and clarity of work allocation as the team balances several major projects.

TMC Online Requests:  Family and Finances

please l need a job, l need wisdom, l need to know my destiny and a break in life,  l want you to pray for me on these matters.

I was in special ed. all my life , don’t know my dad like i should.  I was fired from my job in 2011 and haven’t worked since.  It’s hard.



Ministry Adjustments

Please continue to pray for Lord to clarity, coordinate, and help implement effective working systems for our leadership team, as they make adjustments to handle the enormous scope of the ministry.

 TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships

I really hope someone could read this and reach back out to me. I’m having a horrible emotional standpoint on a new friendship and I could really use some good, spiritual advice. I hope this will bring me to someone that could actually listen and help me get through this. Thank you

He then got incarcerated. I have been supportive and been there for him for 4 years now and he is about to get out in September. We had our ups & downs but now he claims that he does not love me & that I should be with someone who is at my level b/c I have not shown him that I could be responsible through tough times even when he wasn’t here.



Ministry Direction

We praise the Lord for His direction to our team in the recent revisions of our current mentor training!  We are extremely happy with the result, which is in its final stages of content creation.

TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth

My needs aren’t met in my marriage romantically…then I struggle morally.  Then I get angry with myself for failing and struggle in my relationship with God….hate myself and/or become mildly suicidal….turn my anger at my husband for choosing not to fulfill his marital obligation.  And then it starts all over again. 

I like the message you are sharing. I have repented and ask Jesus into my life about 6 month ago. In my seeking for God I’ve seen much debate about who’s right or wrong about God. When you say faith in Jesus Christ is all we require it brings me great joy and inspires me to know him better.  But certain scriptures always creep back in my mind, for example, “faith without works Is dead”.

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