Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form. All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites and (discipleship for Christians). _________________________________________________________________________________ “The Lord took him outside and said, “Look at the sky and try to count the stars; you will have as many descendants as that.” Genesis 15:5 _________________________________________________________________________________ “Billions served” is McDonald’s slogan. But even this famous chain had to start somewhere – one customer at a time. Evangelism is no different. In this big, big world it seems as if our individual efforts are too small to make any noticeable difference. What would it take to make Heaven’s Golden Gates as recognizable as those world-famous Golden Arches? Watch here… _________________________________________________________________________________ MONDAY Ministry Protection Please pray for protection for the equipment we rely on (computer and otherwise) from attack, sabotage or failure. TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth I am a father of a young lady who had an abortion . Even though I took my daughter

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to the doctor ;I felt that I had not done enough to convince my daughter to keep her baby . I have prayed to God for healing for my daughter and even though I have confessed my lack of influence in her life and received healing. It is my deepest desire to see my little girl come to forgiveness and healing in her life . I’m dealing with suicidal ideas/self harm…I dont feel i can hold on much longer TUESDAY Ministry Family Please pray for Jason and Mirjam Jensen, a Film Team staff family, as they await the imminent birth of their second child. We pray for their family and for a safe and healthy delivery. TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety Please be in prayer for my husband. He has been addicted to crystal meth for the past 2 months, and I can already see frightening changes in him. Our church has fasted and prayed for him, and now we continue to stand strong together that God is working behind the scenes to bring this man back to Himself. (from a mentor) My Father is not doing well. He has Alzheimer’s and has had several bouts of Pneumonia and is at the end of his life. He has fought for a long time. This has been a very hard time for all of us. Can you please pray for myself and my family? Thank you so much. (from a mentor) WEDNESDAY Ministry Thanks We praise the Lord for the lives being changed each day! We are thankful for the ministry we have through articles, devotionals, and films and the many people who learn about Christ each day. TMC Online Requests: Family and Finances We are both working but we are not being paid properly. We are behind with 3 months and since December we received nothing and we are trusting God that is our source. Pls pray from my family. I am married with two sons 8 and 3 . It seems my children are out of control along with my life and household. Pray for my sons’ well being… I know that their surroundings influence their behaviors. I need to walk in a new light I need to put God first at all time. THURSDAY Ministry Collaboration Please pray that God would bring people, resources and creativity together to create tools and resources that would draw people to Christ. TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships hi! i have a friend who is in love with and is in a relationship with our best friend’s husband. As far as I know the relationship started almost 2 years ago. I have repeatedly advised her to end the relationship, and to stay away. But she said she cannot. I have not said anything about this to our best friend, but I fear for the day when she will discover it. Please help me help my friends… Prayer for my soul. It has been hurt by my spouse over and over again. He laughs when I cry. I am starting to wonder if God cares. Why am I in this situation? Help me, Jesus. FRIDAY Ministry Abiding Please pray for our mentors to remain as close to the Lord as possible and live out of His strength and power…often they and their families enter difficult trials after they begin mentoring. TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth I am taking a week of prayer at my church and am asking that God use me mightily to minister through His word. May He minister to me as well and transform my life for His glory. I love God and I just want to obey him and please and follow him every day, but my flesh is weak and I fall into sin a lot

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