Falling Plates

Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form. All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites PowertoChange.com and PowertoChange.com/experience (discipleship for Christians). _________________________________________________________________________________ “But have reverence for Christ in your hearts, and honor him as Lord. Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you,” 1 Peter 3:15 _________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for a fresh new way to share the story of God, I have really great news for you! This creative video is wonderful for those who fear that God’s is a story of judgment and rules and condemnation. It shows how the Bible is a love song and it was written for them. Watch here… _________________________________________________________________________________ MONDAY Ministry Strength Please pray for grace and strength to finish all the film projects we have on the go right now! TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth well i messed up i used to talk to alot of boys and i would flirt in the begginig and now hes paranoid he think i’m going to cheat with all these other boys and like 4 months ago i lost my virginity to him i love him and i don’t want to let go neither does he because he break out crying when we talk about taking a break. what do we do.? I have been told I have OCD, Avoidant Personality disorder, and BPD. Due to these issues I’m too anxious to speak (or write) in therapy and it makes me feel horrible and suicidal. Is there any possible way to get help? TUESDAY Ministry Unity Please

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pray for continued unity in our team as we work together to support the ministry front lines. TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety My mom has glaucoma on her left eye & eye pressure is very high. She also had cataract surgery on her right eye on 8th Dec 2012. Right eye healing well but left eye condition is very worrying. Pls pray for her. Mom is 73 years old Need your urgent prayer. My dad has been coughing and also feeling breathless the last 2 days, please pray for God’s protection over him and that he will recover well WEDNESDAY Ministry Heart People with relationship issues are the largest audience we have. Please pray that during this week (Valentine’s) people would find true intimacy with Christ through various articles and films on our sites. TMC Online Requests: Family and Finances Pray that I and my husband will be forgiven by our God for living and seeking after the pleasures of life rather than the things

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of Him. Pray also that he will turn our finances around and deliver us from our debt, specifically paying our all of our taxes, paying our house off and restoring our credit worthiness. Pray that He will give us hope and a future. I am a single parent, and college graduate living in an apartment with my 2 college graduates children ages 25 and 34 years. I can barely make it with my job and my children are unemployed and still single without children. We applied or jobs over and over again in vain. We need a miracle from God. THURSDAY Ministry LIFE Please pray for the believers who interact with us, that God would help them to take a bold stand for Christ in their own networks. Pray that they would give their lives completely to God. Go to http://www.thelife.com to learn more! TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships Today I found out that my husband bought a camera this autumn he puts in the bathroom when my girlfriends come and records them when they take showers etc. He also had installed a camera at my friends bathroom – she is married with kids. And they found it and told me. My husband agreed to go to sex addiction therapist but I don’t know how to live with him after that. My husband will not agree to talk. He will not admit there are problems. When I say I’ve been emotionally very lonely in our marriage, he says politely he’s sorry and hopes I can work it out, waving a cheery goodbye. We’ve been married 40 years, he’s a good man, but he does not accept that married love demands listening, learning, discussing, deciding. FRIDAY Ministry Call Please pray For the Lord to challenge our current mentors to step up and become Community Leaders, and care for groups of mentors. We are praying for 100 new CLs this year. TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth I am just getting know GOD my lord snd savior, he has saved me many times, what else does he want me to know, “my ears and eyes are open!?” I think god has left me for good and I am going thru something huge right now. I need and want him  

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