The Bible in 50 Words

Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form. All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites and (discipleship for Christians). _________________________________________________________________________________ “they knew from experience that God’s word is good, and they had felt the powers of the coming age.” Hebrews 6:5 _________________________________________________________________________________ We are trained to write summaries. In school, we write tons and tons of essays summarizing books, movies and famous essays and we all know that it isn’t always the easiest thing to do! Watch this artistic summary of the Bible in only fifty words! _________________________________________________________________________________ MONDAY Ministry Hands Please ask God with us to bring more team members into TM Films! There are many fantastic and creative ideas, but not enough hands to form them into reality. TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth When I was thirteen I tried to kill myself, and I spent ten months in and out of the hospital. My mother neglected me and physically abused me. My older brother didn’t protect me. My dad took forever to find out. My little brother kept quiet. And my mom left me. My boyfriend has a problem with pornography. How do I help him and how do I trust him? TUESDAY Ministry Tools Please pray for the Lord to provide the computer equipment needed to handle today’s power-hungry applications and systems. TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety My 13 year old daughter Madison has a swollen lymph node in her groin that has not gone away with antibiotics. She will be referred to a surgeon if it is not gone. Please pray for the antibiotics to make it go away and it not be anything more My cousin is on her death bed with aids, not expected to live long. No brain activity. Please pray that a miracle of healing would happen and she serve the Lord all the days of her life. WEDNESDAY Ministry Devotionals We are in need of more male devotional authors. Please pray for more men to join our author team. If you or someone you know might like to car commercialcialis vs viagraviagra sales repwhat does cialis do

try this, please click here. TMC Online Requests: Family and Finances I was in a car accident in October and was seriously injured. I lost my job and home, and my infant daughter and I had to move back to my mom’s house. My fiancée left me because I lost my job (I guess I’m better off without a guy like that) and everything seems to be going downhill since then. I need some serious prayers, something’s gotta give My husband lost his job and we are trying to mend a broken marriage while raising children. I’m praying that together we will fall at the feet of Jesus and be humbled and broken. We need God’s wisdom and to know His will. THURSDAY Ministry Creativity Please pray for incredible creativity to connect with today’s culture; that God would give us the most unique ways of engaging with people which prepare the way to hear and receive the gospel. TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships I ask for prayer for my dysfunctional marriage. That the Lord may be the Center of our union and help us both to COMMUNICATE respectfully and show affection and to pray together Daily prayer for reconciliation in our marriage. My husband says he is done FRIDAY Ministry Protection Please pray for protection for all the different technology we use in TruthMedia. Many things can and do go wrong, and when they do, we need quick wisdom and words of knowledge to fix them! TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth I need refuge for my life. I want to learn how to “cast all my cares on Him” so I can finally go free. It is a struggle for me. Negativity runs in my family. It is hard for me to feel secure. I worry most about money, even in times when thing seem that they are going fairly well.

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