The Obituary of Richard Cory

Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form. All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites and (discipleship for Christians). _________________________________________________________________________________ “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19 _________________________________________________________________________________ “I’m waiting for my real life to begin.” Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes we get so good at being who we’re supposed to be, being the person someone else thinks we are, that we lose sight of ourselves altogether. Can you step into the new year as the real “you”? Watch here… _________________________________________________________________________________ MONDAY Ministry Team Praise the Lord for our team of authors, editors, and blog mentors! We look back on this year and are so thankful for the hard work and time they have put into this ministry! TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth I was so scared and I ended up breaking down and crying during lunch. That’s how scared I was. It wasn’t at all as bad as I thought. But then today, this morning, was horrible. My mom and I got in a huge fight. She called me an idiot. And it wasn’t just good. I ended up self harming a lot. Right before school. Ashley’s mother was a prostitute and Ashley left the home. She was being abused by numerous strange males. She is now living with her grandparents and is being counseled by a

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pastor TUESDAY Ministry Vision God has blessed us with an incredibly successful ministry response team that shares Christ with our visitors. Pray that we would see thousands come to Christ in 2013. TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety I have battled depression on & off my adult life but in extreme cases just within the last 3 yrs. The break up of the relationship with my baby’s father is the core to this and I have struggled since to get a hold of my life but I find myself falling deeper & deeper into my black hole. I need and want a Christian support group in regards to over eating. Can u help me? WEDNESDAY Ministry Labourers As the ministry grows, so does our need for workers. Pray specifically in the area of technical expertise,for volunteers that want to give of their time to help us. TMC Online Requests: Family and Finances I am requesting prayer for the bitterness and hate I have in my heart for my dad disowning me exactly 15yrs now because I married the man he didn’t want me to be with. My father has never met or talked to my husband. I have longed for my fathers love for over a decade. Please pray for my daughter…she’s been estranged from our family for 30 years and I so want her to be reunited with us. Please also pray for her salvation. THURSDAY Ministry Issues Thousands come to our sites each day, most asking about marital/relational issues in their lives. Pray with us for these individuals that they would find God’s true love through our content. TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships I have been married for 4 years and have been struggling with since porn before I was married. Now I watch porn less frequently, but it still happens and it is ruining my marriage. I try to explain to my wife, but she doesn’t get how hard of a struggle it is. I do believe in God and have a relationship with Him, but I have not been able to overcome it. Please pray for my Marriage to grow stronger because we have only been married for a month and we just had our new baby girl Samantha. Please just pray for my new little family and that God will give us the knowledge to take care of our new baby! FRIDAY Ministry Growth Praise the Lord with us for the thousands of people that have come to Christ this year. May the new year find them growing in their new faith and full of grace and truth. TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth I was sexually abused as a child from age 4 to 8. I feel like my life was taken from me and I will never be the same. I’m currently in therapy now also my therapist is a minister and she introduced the bible in my life and God. I think God lead me to this site for a reason so I can heal and free myself of this pain I’m tired of living in pain. Its been quite sometime since I’ve lost my faith, I’ve been through and seen thing’s growing up that have led me to believe that maybe God

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