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All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites PowertoChange.com and PowertoChange.com/experience (discipleship for Christians).


“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”  Zephaniah 3:17
When was the last time you’ve been told that you are beautiful, loved, and that you were
fearfully and wonderfully made? Growing up without arms and legs, Australian motivational
speaker, Nick Vujicic thought there was nothing more to life than the pain of being bullied.
Overwhelmed by the love of God, Nick later realized that God’s plan for his life was beyond
anything he could have ever imagined.  Through it all, when all the praise and criticism has
faded away, what is the message you most ardently needed to hear?  Watch here…


Ministry Protection 

Please pray that our families would be protected as Satan hates what we do.

TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth 

How can I bring up to my mom that I think I may have an eating disorder and that I need help? I tried to ask to go to a therapist once but didn’t tell them why and my dad said no. My mom is bipolar and he said he doesn’t want me to be like her. He doesn’t really believe in mental disorders.

I also shall never have a relationship, with anyone.  It’s not worth the potential for pain.



Ministry Wisdom

Pray that we would have wisdom to see the tiny adjustments in code we can make to make the site more efficient and effective.

TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety

Please pray for my husband he is overwhelmed with all he has to do and is very tired. The drs say he is fine, but he wears out easily. He is 77 and in pretty good health but has a lot of pain in his knees. He is a fun and loving person who loves the Lord but has so much on his plate. Please pray for him.

Please pray for healing of high blood pressure and arthritis for my mom who is 74.



Ministry Commitments

Pray for those visitors to our chat rooms that do not yet know Jesus personally, that they would come to understand the truth of the gospel and that they would make personal commitments.

TMC Online Requests:  Family and Finances

My husband and I separated in 2009. My 11 year old son wants to live with him. His father is living with another woman and her child, and this is the 3rd or 4th relationship he’s had in 2 years. I want to raise my son with Christian values but he wants to be with his Dad right now. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me in mothering my son.

Please pray for my family. I have broken up with an ex and it’s been dramatic.  My grandfather is in the hospital. Please pray for our Family to heal and be strong in each other, especially after the loss of my maternal grandmother.



Ministry Strategy

Pray that we would continue having favour with search engines like Google so that we would stay high on the rankings.

TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships

Please pray for me as I am going through a divorce, I need all the strength I can get since I am also not financially stable

My husband and I separated a year ago. We have tried to make it work 3 times and ended it each time. We are now working on it but we need tons of prayer. Incidentally, our problems started when we took over running the Alpha Program in our church. I know this is a spiritual attack and the presence of the enemy is tangible at times.



Ministry Perseverance

With spring in the air it is often tempting to go outside instead of being inside on our computers.  Please pray for our new mentors who have applied in the past month and need to complete their online mentor training, that they would finish the training so we can get them activated and started in The Mentor Center.

TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth

i am praying for a renewed relationship with Jesus. I failed him and I can’t even feel him talking to me anymore. Please, this is serious and urgent! My heart is numb and I just found the truth a few months back. He has left me. I need him back.

I do not know what to do anymore. I come closer to Jesus for a while, praying and reading the Bible. But when the real tests come, I feel torn apart. i FORGET who I belong to; I forget who I should trust. Like now, I just got married in April this year, I am so close to get divorced, I work and work and there is never enough money. Lord, please help me hear what I need, to do the right thing.

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