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Submit your prayer requests to an email mentor using our Need Prayer form.

All of the online requests were received through various areas of our websites PowertoChange.com and PowertoChange.com/experience (discipleship for Christians).


“Now go, lead the people to the place I spoke of, and my angel will go before you…”  Exodus 32:34a

  Esther DeWolde, owner and CEO of Phantom Screens,
was living a lukewarm Christian life until God got her
attention in a drastic way. God speaks to each of us on
a daily basis.  If we learn to listen to God’s voice, we can
live the way He would like us to live.  Watch here…



Ministry Synergy 

We are so grateful for the many authors who partner with us each month. Please pray that we would have even more positive relationships with our volunteers this year.

TMC Online Requests: Teen & Youth 

Please pray for my 15 year old nephew, Bailey, who shot himself in the head last night, that he will recover and find the hope that he needs for his life.

I’ve been trying to stop cutting and it hasn’t worked. My suicidal thoughts are coming back. And I feel like I may act on them this time. I’m just tired and ready for the pain to go away. I thought I was doing good. But I guess I thought wrong. 



Ministry Strategy

Pray for wisdom as we continue to create new and exciting systems that God uses to do bring people into His kingdom in amazing ways.

TMC Online Requests: Health and Safety

My sister is going in for one last fertility procedure before her doctor encourages invitro or adoption. They have been trying for years and are discouraged and weary. Please pray that this last procedure will result in a healthy pregnancy and that God will strengthen their faith during this difficult time.

Please pray for my mom who has serious health issues recently that are totally disheartening to me. I am freaking out thinking about if she makes a turn for the worse–I am single and childless. Please beg for His intervention to restore her health or if He so calls her home He will fill me with His compassion and will to make on without her. It hurts just typing this request. 



Ministry Compassion

Please pray with us for the many brokenhearted who will be in chat this month. Pray that God would work through their heartache to show how much He loves them.

TMC Online Requests:  Family and Finances

I need to be there for my daughter who just found out she is pregnant but i am having a hard time doing so.  Lord, please help me. I need to be there for her and guide her.

Please pray for my son, Thomas, who is deep in drugs, alcohol, & wrong relationships. We are doing an intervention Thurs., where we tell him he has to be out of my parents’ house or receive treatment. He hates himself, life, God, & his family. Please pray God will orchestrate every detail and soften to accept help and trust us, and not run again or turn suicidal.



Ministry Inspiration

Please pray with us that God would show us new and fresh ways to share the gospel online.

TMC Online Requests: Marriage and Relationships

I’m not doing well. I am still seeing my non-Christian guy at work. He has told me he loves me. I am unsure of everything. And can’t walk away yet. And heartbreak at any decision I make. I am not a strong Christian. That much I am sure of. I don’t even know what to ask you to pray for.

My husband who is working in England, as there are no jobs in our country.  He will be away for at least 6 months, and I will be here with our two teenagers.  Please pray for us both to continue in strong faith and doing every day as the Lord asks.  Please pray for our marriage to be protected.



Ministry Expansion

As the number of emails and numbers of mentors responding to those emails increases, we need to also increase in the number of Community Leaders ministering to the mentors. Please pray that we will see 10 mentors willing to step up to be Community Leaders this month.

TMC Online Requests: Spiritual Growth

I’m 34, unemployed, and living with my sister and nephews. I desire to get involved in ministry and counseling. I have been trying to connect with other women with the same desires and that could possibly disciple me. Please pray for the Lord to show me the next step.  I am starting over in every area of my life and I want to move forward.

Please pray that i continue to grow in my faith serving in anyway possible never missing an opportunity to fulfill the Great commission and show the Love of Christ. Pray i would mature Spiritually more. I grew up Catholic but as i got older i just was not getting what i needed and there was still a void Spiritually.

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