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Mentor: “I have a mentee whom I have corresponded with and invited them to join the Chat Room.  She just emailed me back and said she did not know the password and couldn’t get on. ”

Chat Monitor: The chat rooms have come under attack so to protect the room and the chatters we will on occasion require a password. We try to remove the password during the scheduled chats (times are posted on the Power to Change site, when they click on a room.  If they go in and the password is on, they can request the password by clicking the Chat Feedback link, http://powertochange.com/chat/feedback/?room=thelife 

Walk Along Side…(found on one of our Blogs)
“My religion is Islam but I had been distracted and failed many many times in my life. I wanted an open personal relationship with GOD without being a religious person, but it seemed to be impossible. (I live in a very religious area) I always loved JESUS CHRIST but had very little knowledge of him and my only great desire was to have knowledge about HIM. CHRIST was always absorbing me. Now that I’ve started studying the lessons my life has been changed in great measures. My spiritual growth is very slow but certain. I’m trying to rebuild myself and help others to do so. Thank you “


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Homermoole says:

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Jasa Seo says:

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