FormBuilder 0.89 Released

We have officially released FormBuilder 0.89 on This edition contains a number of updates and fixes to make it even more user-friendly. Things we’ve improved include the following:

~variable~ Fields In Your ThankYou Text
Basically, this means you can add a more personal touch to the “Thank You” text that you show your visitors when they fill out the form. You could also show them a recap of what they submitted for their own records. Read this for more on how to use ~variable~ fields.

Option to show all fields in autoresponder.
We have added a new ~FullForm~ field to the ~variable~ options which will include the entire form that was submitted.

Allow admin bar to show all forms on the current page/index.
One of the coolest features of the new version is the updated “Edit Form” dropdown. It now appears right next to the “Edit Page” field, and should now contain links to any of the forms listed on the page. Also, if you’re on something like a category or tag index, it’ll have any/all forms listed in all the articles on the page.

Thesis theme compatibility bug.
One of the bugs that has plagued us for a while now is that some specific themes (like Thesis) would not show the form submission results properly. This has been fixed in this release.

Various other bug fixes.
There were a number of other bug fixes made to the code as well which should make the overall experience just that much more pleasent.

We really hope you enjoy the improvements. As always, you can download the latest release from If you have questions, take a look at our Documentation and FAQ. If you find bugs, you can report them on GetSatisfaction.

47 Responses to “FormBuilder 0.89 Released”

Aaron says:


Not sure what I did in my update, but I now have a PHP error on all pages, except the page the form lives on.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 881


taz says:

i have the same Problem my site is down untill i will fix the Problem
need you help asap thanks

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 881

tono says:

I have the same problem. I need your help please.

Dipu says:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 881

I have this error showing too.. please help!

A says:

Ya, I have the same problem:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 881.

Wilson says:

I have the same problem as stated above, anyone resolved this?

Robb says:

I have been using version 0.881 on another website and it is working. I installed 0.89 in and when I try to save changes to a new form or changed settings I am sent to a blank screen at this address:

If I refresh or go back the changes have not been saved. Would really like to use this soon.


Robb says:

Oh, and I cannot delete the plug-in to try to install an earlier version (which I have). It takes me to another blank page. HELP!

Page says:

I had the same problem. I have a form attached to a contact us page. I fixed the problem by deleting

foreach($formbuilder_formDisplayArray as $formID=>$result)

My form works fine and the error isn’t displayed in my footer anymore.

Tony says:

Thanks Page…. Deleting that line fixed the issue. Form works fine and the error isn’t displayed in my footer anymore either.

Esme says:

Ditto that! Thanks, Page! (:

Shelley says:

Problem – Adding multiple lines of text to the help toggle icon opens up a pop up window and the text does not line up. Solution – Edit the additional_styles.css and change the visible section from position:relative to position:absolute. It is also nice to add a tint to the background color.

!!Like the form pre-populated fields for registered users.!! Is there a solution for non registered users?

Femy says:

foreach($formbuilder_formDisplayArray as $formID=>$result)
where can i find this code? I am new to wordpress!!!Could you help me out…Thanks!!

Femy says:

Done…got it…thanks!

Maryland says:

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Chad says:

First off, thanks for this plugin!!!

I was wondering if there was an easy way to modify “” to not remove the form after submitting, but instead reset it? I already have a custom popup + overlay now that shows a “success message”, so I don’t need the space for that; as it is now, I have a big empty area where the form used to display.

My PHP skills are probably “Intermediate Beginner”, so I can tinker alright if I’m pointed in the right direction.


Ezra says:


its not work, this plugin Error mesg

#formBuilderCSSIDA_New_Form’ method=’post’ onsubmit=’return fb_disableForm(this);’>

please help.


Blake says:

So…is there a way to embed a form as a widget in the sidebar?

Dreama says:

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this plugin has been working perfectly for me for more than a year, then just today it’s broken, and I missed at least one contact from a potential new client.

I haven’t changed or updated anything with wordpress or the form, any ideas? I took it off my normal contact page, but added it to this URL for testing:

As a follow up, the form submissions ended up coming through as normal, just 8-10 hours later. I’ve never had that happen before or since, and not sure why it happened, but I have regained confidence in this plugin. I also activated the stored results feature.

Rocky says:

The plugin works great for my needs. The email generated by a form submission is double-spaced, is there a way to make it single-spaced? Trying to minimize the number of printed pages a long form generates.

Kim says:

The form title doesn’t show for me, though the rest of the form does – could this be to do with the WordPress template I’m using? And some of the titles are bold (eg “Name”) whereas others are not bold and / or smaller text. How do I fix this?

Also, I second Blakes question – is there a way to embed the forms in the sidebar? I would want to have a different form on different pages though if possible…

Laurie Kane says:

I like form-builder, nice one.

I have a problem though when trying to export data I’m getting a 404 error. WP3.2 with FB0.89

Rafael says:

It would be nice if you include in each field the maximum length (maxlen in the inputs tag).

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Lucas Harris says:

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