FormBuilder v. 0.86

Better late than never I suppose. (this post, that is) We released FormBuilder v. 0.86 a few weeks ago. You can find it on Features include:

* Bug Fix: Fixed problem with DB_COLLATE and DB_CHARSET variables not being set.
* Bug Fix: Changed duplicate form checking method.
* Clean Up: Changed post-to-form attachment box to list forms available alphabetically.
* Clean Up: New forms will now be named ‘A New Form’ so as to appear at the top of the forms list.
* Clean Up: Creating a new form will automatically load the form editor.
* Clean Up: Updated for compatibility with WordPress 3.0.1.

If you have questions or concerns, check out our new (trial) support center on Get Satisfaction.

137 Responses to “FormBuilder v. 0.86”

Ahsan Mansoor says:

First of all, thank you for making such a wonderful plugin. This is the best Form plugin I have come across.

I am just having slight bit of problem in displaying the calendar with the datestamp field. I have read on this website that we can actually show a calendar with the datestamp, however I am unable to get it displayed with the date field. I have gone through the FAQs and Readme and couldnt find anyway to enable it. Could you please help in sorting that out? Thanks.

The form is displayed here:

Jonathan says:

Have you set [fieldtype] to [Datestamp]?
It should do the trick.

Jonathan says:

I know what’s causing the problem.
With formbuilders Standard CSS [enabled] it works.
When it’s [disabled] it doesn’t.

But why? Lol, I’m not a programmer.

matthias says:

Dear Developers,

thank you very much for your great tool.

But I have a question according to the data export. Is it possible, that the Field Names are not in the exported CVS file? So that in the cell only the field value is printed?



better (imho)


Thank you! Im sorry for my bad english!

Best Regards!

Matthias from Germany

Jonathan says:

You could remove it from the code (I think) but why would you?
I think it’s fine that the information filled in has a label.

matthias says:

Thank you very much for your answer.

Because we need the data export to create a checklist for sports club members. The list should only contain the field content and not the label additionally. Too much information in the CVS File. That makes the print-out very unclear.

Thank you very much!


Sarah says:

I have the same problem, I want to remove the tags so I can upload the csv to a mass email software. I would be very happy if the labels appears at the top as a column label. but I can’t have them in the actual fields on the spreadsheet.

James says:

Hi Matthias,

I’ve updated the FAQ to include this question because a lot of people seem to stumble on it. You can find it here:

To avoid having field names included in each cell when exporting as CSV, you need to export results from one form at a time. To do this, on the export configuration screen you simply select a specific form on your site to be exported.

James W.

Jonathan says:

The new version is not available by autoupdate.

John says:

I did a standard install of formbuider. I can not find the part of the plugin that allows me to save results from a particular form to the database. Am I missing something? Do I need to create tables or a separate db??

James says:

Hi John,

It’s under FormBuilder -> Settings -> Database XML Backup.

James W.

Marco says:

Thank you for this helpful plugin,
my question is about the CSV export. I’m a webmaster in Italy and Spain and as you know in these countries “comma” is not valid to separate values, because it is used “;”.
Where can I find the code which manages this in order to modify it as I need?
Thanks a lot

Fox says:

Believe this is a bug.

When you call the form using the php code in templates it will not load the Formbuilder CSS files.

Shawn says:

Fantastic plugin!

I’m not seeing an autoresponse even though one is set up for the form I have published. Is there something simple I may be missing in the setup?

James says:

Hi Shawn,

For autoresponses to work they have to be connected to the form in question, and that form must have an email address field.

James W.

Henry says:


I faced the same concern too. Apparently, I couldn’t receive any email under the recipient field. I gave a different email entered in the email address field in the form, however I didn’t get an autoresponse too.

Please help.

Thank you

Casey says:

Wonderful plugin, but I’ve got one problem.

Every time I submit a form, I get the following message: “Form Problem: You have already submitted this form data once.” I tried different names, email addresses, etc, but it seems to be the values of the drop-down menus that trip up the submission. It still emails the response to me, but it gives no indication to the customer that it did. On forms without drop-down menus, I simply left the “Required Data” field blank, but that loop-hole doesn’t work the same with these. Is there any way to remove this message? Or at least change the color of it so that it blends in with the background.

Robert says:

Hi, we’re having trouble with the autoresponder. We have setup the autoresponder and have included a text field that uses email validation. However, the plugin is not responding with an email to the form submitter. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is agreat plugin and we want to keep using it. Thanks.

bettina says:

Great plugin…. but have 1 issue:

Every time I fill a question and go to the next blank space, I get a “0” over the previous answer.

Guess this is a bug…. but no one talks about this. Maybe I did something wrong?

Jonathan says:

The plugin writer should also add “z-index 100” to the date popup.
Minor flaw.

BonKnob says:

I’ve installed the 0.86 plugin on WP 3.0.1, and I’m able to make new forms. However, every time that I make changes and try to save, I get an error telling me that the form cannot be saved:

ERROR. Your form failed to save.

Any ideas?

Maryann says:

Thank you for this wonderful plugin. I think I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been through all the documentation, and I just can’t find the answer. When I use radio buttons, the first button is automatically checked, and includes the checked=”” value in the input div. The other unchecked buttons do not have this. Is there a way to turn it off so all the buttons are unchecked. Sorry to ask. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing. But I am missing it. Thank you for your help.

Jennifer says:

Definitely the best forms plugin out there! However, all of a sudden, the forms stopped sending and I’m getting this error message:

Your message has NOT been sent successfully.
Mail server error. Unable to send email using the built-in WordPress mail controls.

I read elsewhere that this is most likely a problem with the web host, but as of now, the host has no clue how to fix it. Are you aware of how to fix it or can you point me to an article on how to configure the server correctly? Thanks.

Craig says:

CSS issue:

FormBuilder will not recognize the Standard or the custom CSS file.

From settings in FormBuilder Management (v 0.852) it will not recognize the standard css or the custom/additional css file.

– Created custom css file is renamed “additional_styles.css”
– “Standard CSS:” Disabled from settings page
– From plugins editor indicates both css files are inactive:
formbuilder/css/formbuilder_styles.css (inactive)
formbuilder/additional_styles.css (inactive)

Deactivate and reactivate plugin does not resolve. Do I need to uninstall from database and reinstall all and reconfigure plugin?


Jamie Edwards says:

How do I change the width of the single line text box, i tried modifying the /css/formbuilder_styles.css and also the additional_styles.css as noted in the documentation but could not get the width of the boxes to change.

Gerriss says:

I want to say thanks for creating this plugin. The more I play with it, the more potential I see it has for use with my business.

I do have a problem/question though. I’m trying to setup a form to be displayed in the side column instead of in the main content section. I’ve setup a side column with a text box widget (that allows you to enter text or html) and then I enter the [formbuilder:1] code into the text box widget for the side column. The problem I run into is that once it’s all finished, when I open up my main page, that side columns only says [formbuilder:1] instead of actually displaying the form. But when I put that same [formbuilder:1] code into the main content area, the form shows up fine.

So basically, my problem and question is that I’m trying to get my form to show up in my side column instead of the main content body and am wondering if there is a way to do it that I’m missing?

I’m using Formbuilder v0.86, and wordpress v3.0.1

Thank you so much!

Dan Turkette says:

You have to edit the php file that displays that column. You need to enter the code shown at the bottom of this page.

Adam Jackson says:

i went ahead and changed the sidebar1.php file in my template folder, and inserted :

and then entered the “[formbuilder:1]” code, but still nothing…

any other ideas what might be wrong?

Andrey says:

Thank you for the great product Formbuilder.
I have a question about using of THANKYOUTEXT.

When I write “href” in it I have a problem with Opera browser. For example, link in THANKYOUTEXT Formbuilder translates in code of page.
Opera browser translates it not correctly to %22/download/%22 link.
What I can do with it?

Best Regards

Andrey says:

Thank you for the great product Formbuilder. I have a question about using of THANKYOUTEXT. When I write “href” in it I have a problem with Opera browser. For example, link in THANKYOUTEXT -a href =”/download/”- Formbuilder translates in -a href ="/download/"- code of page. Opera browser not translates it correctly. What I have to do with it?
Best Regards

Matthew says:

Is there a way to put the form that you create into the sidebar of your site? This would be very helpful.
Thank you

Dan Turkette says:


You can edit sidebar.php and place the following code in it. Change the # to the number of the form you want placed in the sidebar. The width of your sidebar may be an issue depending on the fields you used in the form.

If you do not know how to do this, reply to this, I can give you some help, (no cost).

Dan Turkette says:

It striped the code out of my post. Go to the bottom of this page to get the code.

Alexandre says:

Thanks for that very useful tool.
Quick question. Is there any way to extend the question field as it seems so far to allow for a maximum of 200 characters and I would need to have longer questions/entries in the FIELD LABEL? that would be great. Many thanks in advance.

Mark says:


Formbuilder comes with PHP code to use the form in a WP Template.

We plan to use it in another page within a property theme (PropertyDetail.php)

Does anyone know the code changes to incorporate the code within such a page, that is deeper in the file structure (themefolder/library/includes)?

The catpure doesn’t work, whilst is does when used in a normal post, so we presume it is the path to it from this page or something similar.

Great plugin though, as it shows the referrer page, which will show which property is being enquired about. The reason for placing it in that page.

Will really appreciate a heads up, even if only a point in the right direction, many thanks.

Rebecca says:

Hi, I’d really like to know where I can change the width of the survey box fields. I’d like to make them at least twice the size that they are now. Could anyone share with me where this can be done?

Also, I’d like to upgrade to the latest version. I just don’t want to screw anything up and delete my survey. Do I just replace the plugin folder with the new one?

Thank you 🙂

Mark says:

Other than changing the field types (type of boxes etc), on making the form, other coding that decides how they look is likely to be deep within the plugin files. As they are generated automatically from this code. You will probably need a professional coder to find the code and make the changes.

Dan says:

I love your formbuilding software and would like to use forms I create on one website on several other sites. Is there a way to export a form(s) and import into another website? I am using your lates version of software. Thanks!

Serena says:

I’m having a similar problem as Casey already mentioned above. When I try to use the contact form on the site, I get an error message that says, “Form Problem: You have already submitted this form data once.”

I tried clearing my browser cache, and I’ve disabled the wp-cache plugin to see if that would resolve the problem, but neither step has helped.

I am running Formbuilder v. 0.86 and WordPress v. 3.0.3.

Thanks for the help! 🙂

Mark says:

Formbuilder comes with PHP code to use the form in a WP Template.
We plan to use it in another page within a property theme (PropertyDetail.php)
Does anyone know the code changes to incorporate the code within such a page, that is deeper in the file structure (themefolder/library/includes)?
The catpure doesn’t work, whilst is does when used in a normal post, so we presume it is the path to it from this page or something similar.
Great plugin though, as it shows the referrer page, which will show which property is being enquired about. The reason for placing it in that page.
Will really appreciate a heads up, even if only a point in the right direction, many thanks.

James says:

I’m not really following what you’re asking here Mark. Can you elaborate?

Rob says:

I just activated your plug in and created a simple form, very easy to do for a novice. The problem I am having is I cannot get all field labels to display on my page.

All six fields are shown but the last two (phone, tell me how I can help you) are missing the label and the 5th one (phone) is missing the text box as well.

I have deleted the form and recreated but it has not fixed the problem. I am using wordpress theme notepad.

Mark says:

Unlikely, but… on the lowest level, it could be a clash between the forms CSS for those fields and the themes CSS. If those ones are set to be hidden.

James says:

Actually not that unlikely. If you post the link to the page, I’m sure someone here could take a look for you.

Hal says:

I installed form builder, and have a form set up and working. I can get it to email the responses to me, but I don’t see how to have it insert the responses into the database. Form builder created a table called ‘wp_formbuilder_responses’ but when I submit the form, the responses don’t end up in the database. How do I get it to put the responses in the db.


Hal says:

ok…nevermind…found the setting on the settings page. Now I just need to figure out how to display that xml data on my web page….

Justin James says:


I am fairly new to this, so bare with me! I have installed the plugin, then as soon as I activate it, it wipes the information from the ‘Pages’ within WordPress. If I click on a page, there is no box to enter text, no ‘Bold’ or ‘Italic’ etc. buttons, just a blank, grey screen. I can see the ‘Dashboard’ button and buttons below this and also the ‘Publish’ and ‘Page Attributes’ boxes on the right, but nothing in the middle. As soon as I deactivate it, the text entry and other buttons return on the ‘pages’?! I was using 2.7 or 2.8 WP and had a message to upgrade, so went through this (long!) process, and now have 3.0.3, as I thought this might be causing a problem, but the same issue occurs. Any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance – Justin

Justin James says:

Further to my comment above, the only other plugin I have is Akismet, so I don’t know whether this is causing a problem either

Dan Turkette says:


Can you post a link to the page you have this on? I went to the web site, and could not find a page with the form builder in the source code.

Justin James says:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your reply…I did a bit more hunting and found that it was the Akismet plugin causing the problem (maybe I shouldn’t have been so keen to post!), as soon as I disabled this and enabled the form builder, the page-editing function returned and it was then visible on the website. The page this is now on is: However, should this be causing a problem? Does this mean that my site is not so secure?

Thank you in advance – Justin

James says:

Hey Justin,

That sounds like a very strange problem. We run Akismet and FormBuilder together on many of our blogs with no problems at all. I’m wondering if something in your site file structure got messed up during an upgrade. I would recommend you use an FTP client to upload the latest versions of WordPress, Akismet, and FormBuilder to your site and see if that resolves the problem.

James W.

Ale says:

Thanks again for this great helpful plugin.
i still have a problem.
After an user sends the form, the mail that i receive doesn’t contain the rights characters. My website is in french and all the ?/é/à (and co) are turned into weird signs …
I can’t find what to tweak to fix that … Everything in the DB is set to “utf8_general_ci” which seems right …

I don’t know …

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks a lot !!!

Ian Melville says:


I’m all setup with the fantastic Formbuilder and its works flawlessly… however i have one question:

There are a few checkboxes in my form that i would like to have their initial state as “checked”. How do I do this?

Thanks for a great resource!


Audrey says:


Thanks for the formbuilder plug-in. My question is, Is there a way to add form elements such as FIELDSET and CAPTION? And/Or, is there a way to insert Text Headings to separate groups of form fields within the form. For example: PET OWNER INFO(label/field, lable/field, label/field)
PET ONE INFO (label/field, lable/field, label/field) PET TWO INFO (label/field, lable/field, label/field)
Thanks so much!

James says:

Hi Audrey,

You should be able to use a “Comment” field for that. You can put HTML code in them to format them appropriately. We use them quite often on our forms for grouping related sets of fields.

James W.

Lisa says:

Great Plug-in!
I think I am missing something but I can’t seem to figure it out.
I have created a form. Saved it.
Added it to a page through the drop down box under the content.
For some reason the form that shows is the default one in the plug in instead of my custom one.
What am missing?

David says:

i’m trying your form, it looks really great, but when i’m trying to export in cvs :

You must be logged in as an editor or higher to access this page.

(and i’m the administrator…)

any help on this ?

thank you for all your work (if i find the issue i’ll come back to post it here)

James says:

Hi David,

Check your permissions controls under the Settings in FormBuilder.

James W.

David says:

Hi, thank you for your answer, i use a classified ads manager, which gives authorization or not, so i just can’t export as an admin, i have to be an editor to do so…!
thank you for your support.

Will says:

I am using the latest version of form builder and WP,

I have created a form with alternate action posting to my CRM:

the URL it posts to (from their documentation is

However when trying to post I get the error below:

Alternate Form Action does NOT look like a valid URL. Please contact the website administrator.

My form has some hidden fields which are passed across for access reasons etc and then basic info name etc?

Will says:

Would really like help on this one seems to be the use of a HTTPS link causing the issues?

Will says:

I have managed to fix this by adding https to the allowed strings inside the alternate_action.php

The new problem is that when the form is posted it just returns the HTTP 200 Status, how can I set it up so that it shows a message or forwards to a page?

Tony says:


Thanks for this great plugin. I have a request:
I am able to get the output of the form to post to WordPress, BUT I would like an alert to go to the administrator so that she knows when a user has filled out an application. Since the application contains confidential data, I am trying to avoid sending the form contents via email- only an alert. Is this something I can do by adding an address to the autoresponse (So that the autoresponse goes to the user who filled out the form, and the administrator)?



lisa says:

I have a couple of questions about sendfeed where do I send them?

Jacob says:

TruthMedia is doing a wonderful job. I have been using this wonderful plugin for a while now and this is the first time I have been having problems with it.

We transfered a WordPress website from a Windows server to a Linux server on GoDaddy. Now the forms will not send in regular or alt handling and the required field alert box does not show up?

Any suggestions?

Thank You!

Jacob says:

Your website hosting provider: GODADDY LINUX

WordPress Version: WordPress 3.0.4.

FormBuilder Version: 0.86

PHP version: 5.2.14

MySQL version: 5.0.91-log

The error message you received: NONE

The steps you took leading up to the problem:
We transfered a WordPress website from a GD Windows server to a GD Linux server. Now the forms will not send in regular or alt handling and the required field alert box does not show up

Thank you for making an outstanding product, I have used this on many websites and this is the first time I have had an issue.

Jacob says:


This was solved.

I enabled the default them (2010) and then enabled the clients custom theme again and it started to work?

Thanks for the wonderful work.

dave says:

Absolutely awesome, I spent a few hours yesterday creating forms with a different plug in and was happy to see it worked in Firefox, Chrome and Opera, but in IE8 it was a mish mash.

I had a choice, try to figure the problem out or find another plugin, I took the latter route and found you, fantastic

Thanks guys

Frank says:

I have started getting the warning shown below at the bottom of each page when I have formbuilder activated. When I deactivate the plugin, the warning goes away. Any idea what I need to change so that I can use this?


“Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/menathom/public_html/emergecommunications/wp-content/themes/TheCorporation/header.php:4) in /home/menathom/public_html/emergecommunications/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 178”

I have a form in the page: there is a submit image field, but is not showing opening that page, and there is no way to upload images. What is wrong ?

Justin says:

Hi, first of all, wonderful plugin, thank you very much.

Is there a way to change the format that the date is captured in? It’s confusing some of the recipients when they get the date in DD/MM/YYYY format as opposed to the usual MM/DD/YYYY.


I noticed that apostrophes in the error message were causing validation errors and causing the title attribute of the surrounding DIV to be truncated. I fixed it by adding esc_attr() around $field[‘error_message’] on line 1026 of formbuilder.php (version 0.86).

Otherwise, a great plugin! Saved me a lot of work!

Klaus says:

I’m using v 0.86. I configured it for several recipients bei seperating the adresses by colons – as described in the FAQs. Unfortunately that doesn’t work.

Here is how i did it:,,,|Alle

I choose “Alle” in the selection box but it doesn’t sent – instead i get an error message like “You seem to have missed or had mistakes in the following required field(s).”

Any idea what could be wrong? Many thanks for your help!!

Kind regards

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