FormBuilder v. 0.852

We have now released FormBuilder version 0.852.  This is mostly a bug-fixing release as there were a few minor bugs effecting the upgrade process on 0.851.  Features and bug fixes on the 0.85 line include:

= 0.852 =
* Bug Fix: Upgrade alert fixed.
* Bug Fix: Small REQUEST_URI problem fixed.

= 0.851 =
* Bug Fix: Issue with improper error processing when unable to do spammer IP checking.
* Bug Fix: Restored multi-language capabilities.
* Feature: Updated translation text to include latest features.

= 0.85 =
* Feature: New SYSTEM FIELD type. Allows assigning variables to the form without having them displayed on the form itself. Like hidden fields, but not shown even in the HTML code.
* Feature: Re-send emails from db backup. Allows re-sending .
* Bug Fix: Small problem with session creation affecting confirmation email address checking.

As always, feel free to post feedback, questions or problems in the comments below.  We’ll try to answer them as quickly as we can barring other major, all-consuming projects.  :S  You can download the latest from

108 Responses to “FormBuilder v. 0.852”

June says:

Got problem with FormBuilder v. 0.852 + WordPress 3.01

The same as what have stated by Zach.

I saw the script executing the command:

function formbuilder_options_newForm() that can be found inside

I am not sure if that is really the part that has the problem. That is why I asked it here.

We would be glad to know some update from the author.

More power!

Is there any way to create checkboxes or radio buttons that allow users to select more than one?


I am using your plugin and encountering two problems:

(1) I can not see my data base which storing information submitted.

(2) I re-send information and received error message.

Please kindly help me.


Scott says:

Is there a way to have a checkbox be checked by default?

Alex says:

Hi ! Thanks for this amazing plugin !
Is there a way to limit the amount of letters allowed in a large/small text box ?
It’s the only thing that i’m missing for my forms to be perfect !

Thanks for any help !!!!

When I installed FormBuilder and activate it I get the following errors. Any ideas how to resolve? I really like this plug in when I used it before and want to use it on my primary site. Please contact me with a resolution.

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/var/chroot/home/content/23/6188423/tmp/sess_p5c04am302bluk8pr19tkqmd64, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/content/23/6188423/html/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 178

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/23/6188423/html/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php:178) in /home/content/23/6188423/html/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 178

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/23/6188423/html/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php:178) in /home/content/23/6188423/html/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/formbuilder.php on line 178


reg says:

I registered to the site but cant manage to download the Hebrew translations files.
The system keeps telling me that I need to login and doesnt forward me to the download page.



roelani says:

Hi! I’m trying to figure how on earth I’m supposed to configure multiple selections, either as a select list or as a multiple checkbox field.

Is this even possible? I might not be looking in the right place, but I looked all over the core code and can’t see anyway to parse multiple selections. Will this feature be available in a future version? As it is, we can’t use formbuilder to actually manage any complex forms.

Thanks very much in advance! 🙂

did you ever find a solution to this problem. I too am looking for a single title, but with multiple labeled checkboxes.

choose more than one:
option 1
option 2
option 3


I am looking for the same solution to choose multiple checkboxs but all I am getting on the frontend of the website form is only a single check box. Though I have set up multiple choices one per line in the field value but its not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brylie Oxley says:

I experience database errors upon installation in WordPress 3.0.1. There is a support thread where several users are experiencing the same errors:

Fox says:

How do one enable the date picker?

It doesn’t show up….

Jonathan says:

Uh, click on it?

Erick S. says:

Hello there,

I love the plugin!…I think…

I have got it working with a email confimation that is send to the person who filled in the form and of course a email to the ‘owner of the form’.

But…both emails have ‘’ as ‘from’? While I have filled a emailaddress in the ‘FROM EMAIL:’ field at the Autoresponse Controls-page.

Am I doing something wrong?

Erick S. says:

Mmhh…I posted a little question here yesterday…but it has been removed? Was it that difficult…my question?

Jim F. says:

This is what happens when I try to upload the formbuilder:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Incompatible Archive.

Plugin install failed.

Actions: Return to Plugins page

Any suggestions?

JC says:

I was getting emails sent to my database, despite the appearance of a pink error message box with the following text enclosed:

Form Problem: You have already submitted this form data once.

(This occurs using POST and convert to EMAIL)

Alternate processing does not send the data.

Eric Maynard says:

We are experiencing the exact same problem. Were you able to find a work around?

Uno says:

I’m unable to export results.
when I click on Export results (I can see the page with all the form answers), I get a page that says:You must be logged in as an editor or higher to access this page.

I am however logged in as an administrator. I’ve also tried logging in as an editor, and the same happens. I’ve also allowed full permissions for editors and authors.

Please can you assist as this is URGENT!

Pat J says:

I found (and solved!) a problem installing FormBuilder onto a WP 3.0.1 site hosted on Dreamhost. When I went to the Admin page (/wp-admin/tools.php?page=formbuilder.php) for the first time, I was greeted with four big yellow textboxes telling me that the database tables couldn’t be created. I copied the SQL and tried running it manually.

It turned out that, in my install at least (done using the Dreamhost easy installer for WordPress, IIRC), DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE were not defined. Rather than guess at the charset — I assume UTF-8 but I’m not going to bet my site on it — I just removed the DEFAULT CHARACTER SET and COLLATE commands in the SQL statements, and re-ran them. That worked flawlessly.

My environment is pretty English, though; this solution might not be the bee’s knees if you require i18n.

Hope this helps someone out there!

JC says:

I consistently have 2 problems:

1. Using the multi-recipient dropdown in POST/email or alternate generates the “Form Problem: You have already submitted this form data once.” ERROR

2. I haven’t been able to figure out when the form “works” (message goes to the db and recipients) – even though the user never thinks it works because they see the error, end up backing out of the form and calling my cell or directly emailing me – completely defeating the purpose.

Veronica says:

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to change the datestamp to display the little calendar to start on Sunday instead of Monday? I use formbuilder so that my clients can book our services but we have had many misunderstanding because of the calendar starting on Monday and not Sunday. I guess we are just use to our calendars in a way?!!!

Thank you so much!

Marc says:

On the FormBuilder page in the WordPress plugin directory, one of the listed features is the ability to split forms into multiple pages, however this is not listed anywhere in the documentation or the FAQ. Could you shine some light on where I should be looking on how to accomplish this? Thanks.

Marc says:

Never mind, I think I found it…I need to create a field and set field type to ‘page break’ correct? Would be nice if that were included in the docs or FAQ. Thanks again.

Andy says:

ERROR. Your form failed to save.
This is what i get when i try and edit a form.
I have checked for empty fields and ensured all data is present.
I have deactivated and reactivated the plug in, even removed and readded it to the DB but no luck, can you tell me why this is happening?
WP 3.0.1, Latest PHP and FB.

James says:

Hi Andy,

Can you confirm you’re using FB. 0.86?

James W.

Andy says:

The version is 0.852, there is no update available through wordpress.

Andy says:

I have a newly installed site running 0.86 and the same error, this is a blank wordpress site with only the FB plugin installed.
I cannot modify any existing form

Melissa says:

Thanks for your great Plug-In. I have successfully designed one form and then was able to copy it and tweak it for another purpose. My question now is that I want to take these two forms and copy them to a completely different WordPress blog. Can I do that somehow without having to re-create the forms on the new WordPress blog?

Thanks for helping!

James says:

Hi Melissa,

At this point, moving forms between blogs isn’t possible. We have been hoping to implement that feature at some point, but so far it hasn’t happened. Maybe with with FormBuilder v2.0.

James W.

Jonathan says:

I’m using the plugin, fully intergrated in a WP 3.0.1 site.
Just wanted to say thanks, and I’m encoutering no problems at all!
Respect to the author! 😀

James says:

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the encouragement! Glad you’re enjoying the plugin.

James W.

Dave H. says:

Host: WiredTree, private VPS (CentOS)
WordPress: 3.0.1
FormBuilder: 0.86
PHP version: 5.3.3
MySQL version: 5.0.91

I get duplicate records in Stored Results and duplicate emails sent out in AutoResponse & Emailed Form when “Save form data in XML format in the database” is checked to Yes. When turning off, I don’t receive any emails nor see any records.

Can’t figure out if this is a bug or an issue on my side.

Has anyone ran into the problem of having the THANKYOUTEXT data not being displayed after form submission? I have combed the settings and searched the net for a solution…. but no luck.

James says:

Hi august johnston,

Is there something in your theme which might be preventing the text from appearing? Also, are you using the default form-to-email module?

James W.

Paul says:


A misfeature is present in all versions of formbuilder (and every other formmailer/contact-form wp plugins I’ve seen) which can result in google and other mail services treating mail from formbuilder as spam.

When you call php’s mail() you do not supply additional_parameters to set the envelope from (also called return path). This means that the envelope from will be set to something like (unless you have dedicated hosting serving only one domain and persuade the company to set the reverse IP lookup to point to that domain).

This is not hypothetical. One of our dedicated servers has several domains with wp installs that have a mail-out wp plugin of one type or another. Gmail has blocked mail from that server completely – it decided the whole server is dedicated to spamming. Paid google mail allows the mail through but delivers it to the spam box. I’m guessing the level of blocking depends how much mail gmail/google mail has seen come from the domains on that box.

Quick fix: see if there’s a form field (I’d use a hidden field for it, but that’s down to user preference) called “envelope_from” and if so sanitize it and set the additional parameters to “-f$envelope_from.” That won’t help with mail to the admin, though. Longer-term fix is the form controls section needs another field for envelope from. With the longer-term option I’d also like (but could live without) a checkbox that will set the from header to the same value with the reply-to header being picked up from first email input on the form.

Jay says:

How indeed is a FB checkbox “selected”? I have found nothing but people asking how to accomplish what should be a brainless exercise. And I’ve looked…thanks for replying!

James says:

Hi Jay,

At this point, there is no way to pre-check a checkbox with FB.

James W.

Gregory Rocher says:


I’m using Formbuilder 0.86 on Apache PHP5 and MySql5.

I’m having an encoding problem with ajax error messages when they contain letters with accents (é è ï…)
All my installation is in utf-8 (at least I think so) : blog and Mysql base

example, if error message is
Inscrivez votre prénom
I get
Inscrivez votre prénom

CMP says:

I am at my wit’s end.

Go Daddy changed something in their email server which is causing Formbuilder to not send emails to the recipients. It all has to do with the “From” email field. Where in the code can I change this? Some form plugins make it fairly simple but I don’t see where this can be changed so recipients can get their form submissions.

Thank you for your help.

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