FormBuilder 0.83 Released

Over the past number of months, we have been making minor tweaks to the FormBuilder codebase as features, bugs and tweaks were pointed out by our friendly FormBuilder community.  Until now, these tweaks stayed with the development version of FormBuilder as they had not been very thoroughly tested, and were not major changes.

This release wraps up all those tweaks into a single new release.  Since 0.82 we have made the following changes:

= 0.83  =
* Alphabetization of forms in list of forms on site.
* Release update wrapping up all previously developed functionality.

= 0.825 (unstable) =
* Feature: Better database export controls which should solve some of the timeout problems, as well as adding paginated form results and the ability to mass-delete database records.

= 0.824 (unstable) =
* Overhaul: Complete overhaul of the javascript processing systems, replacing jQuery with a smaller, lighter library.

= 0.823 (unstable) =
* Bug Fix: Major permissions problem prevented any FormBuilder access on upgrades and new installs.

= 0.822 (unstable) =
* Feature: Spammer IP checking installed, checking IP’s against
* Feature: New field type: unique id.
* Feature: New permissions system installed, allowing for form controls to be customized for certain user levels.
* Bug Fix: URL validation was only partially working.
* Bug Fix: Enabled better field name checking.

= 0.821 (unstable) =
* Feature: Akismet spam checking.  Forms to be checked must have at least one ‘name’ required field and at least one ’email’ required field.
* Feature: New required field type: ‘name’  Essentially the same as ‘any text’ but used specifically for the Akismet spam checking.

Hope you like the new release.  As always, you can download it from  Please post bugs/comments/feature requests/praise in the comments below.

17 Responses to “FormBuilder 0.83 Released”

Thanks James, loving the Akismet!

Jonathan says:

Wow, it gets through Askimet. Awsome work.
Thanks for including alphabetization! 🙂

Carl says:

Looking forward to checking it out. One thing I haven’t been able to see in the example or docs is a way to do an email confirmation, ie have a form post to fill in the database, but then require the user to click on a link sent to his email before the data is finally accepted. You know, to avoid someone subscribing someone else, or mistyping their email address (twice).


Josh Southern says:

I have installed 0.83 on a Windows WP install, and whenever I try to add a field to a form, I get the message “ERROR. Your form failed to save.” I can create new forms OK, but not modify them in any way.

Any ideas?

Mike Walraven says:


Did you find a solution to this – I am having the same issue.

Josh Southern says:

No. Looking into how WP was setup on my Windows server. I’ll post if I find out what’s going on.

Milly says:

All my forms seem te be missing the captcha image? (and can therefor not be submitted)
They were alright in 0.82; it happened after the upgrade!

Milly says:

Noticed display.php was different from earlier versions.
Replaced “require_once(FORMBUILDER_PLUGIN_PATH . ‘captcha/CaptchaSecurityImages.php’);”
with “require_once(‘CaptchaSecurityImages.php’);”
from an earlier version, and now it works again!!!!

Milly says:

By now I have completely removed the current 0.83 and restored the 0.82.

Suddenly got:
“ERROR. You have a field on your form with an empty field name. All fields MUST have a unique field name.”
on the admin edit panel for all forms that were perfectly in order beforehand.
Apparently you now have to have a field name for “comment area”, too.
Have dozens of forms scattered over 5 sites (plus their test versions), and this is getting too time consuming!

Carl says:

Same problem as Milly, the captcha image is gone. Makes it hard to submit the form.

Carl says:

and Millys solution solved the problem

Larry says:

Having issue with Captcha as well. Captcha image not displaying after upgrade.

Amanda says:

Having an issue with the calendar function in Formbuilder — when I get the email from the form submitted, the calendar comes out with the day/month/year. I’d prefer it to be the standard month/day/year. Can you tell me how I can fix that? Thanks much!

admin says:

Hi All,

Sorry about that. Guess I missed that CAPTCHA issue. I’ll be working on releasing a bug fix release as soon as I can.

James W.

admin says:

I have now released FB 0.84. It fixes the CAPTCHA bug introduced in 0.83 as well as the bug requiring field names for comments and page breaks. Read more here:

Kelly S. says:

Captcha field is entered correctly but continues to say that it is not. How can I fix this?

Andy says:

ERROR. Your form failed to save.
This is what i get when i try and edit a form.
I have checked for empty fields and ensured all data is present.
I have deactivated and reactivated the plug in, even removed and readded it to the DB but no luck, can you tell me why this is happening?
WP 3.0.1, Latest PHP and FB.


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