Events Calendar 0.26 Released

WordPress Event Calendar 0.26 includes a single bug fix that addresses an issue with the URL template tag. Thanks to Russell for finding that and letting us know about it! (as well as providing a fix).

Widgets have also been disabled in this version, as the feature is not yet complete.

24 Responses to “Events Calendar 0.26 Released”

ken says:

Is there a feature to have the mini calendar in a sidebar link to the events?



Jeremy Massel says:

Ken, we’re working on it!

Ojas Ray says:


i installed your event plugin – and its great. I was just lost on how i can link a page to the calendar or how to incorporate the calendar on a singe page.

Jeremy Massel says:

Ojas, right now yo’ll have to create a custom theme template using the built-in documentation (it works similarly to the loop). See Options->Events for the documentation.

In the future, we’ll have widget support.

Rein says:


This plugin looks very promising. I installed it with WP3.0 and it seems to work. Only when I save an event or a calendar, it looks like it doesn’t get saved… The list and the calendar stay empty.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Robson says:

I love the concept behind your plugin.
I think yours is the only calendar plugin available that supports multiple calendars.

I do have one question. Instead of just making a simple query and e returning the values on a unordered list or somthing, i would like to have a real calendar, and have the query results displaying within the dates, see what i mean? To have a calendar and each event inside its own date block.

How can i achieve that?

Robson says:

What i need is exactly what you have on the administration “Calendar View”
This is what i want to output on the site … Any ideas?

larry smith says:

Hi –

Would love to try your plugin given that it is the only one I can find that allows multiple calendars.

I am running WordPress 3.1 with Multisite activated, and received the following Error.

First, the plugin directed me to set my timezone, and sent me to my profile page

At the bottom of the user profile screen is the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘DateTimeZone::__construct() [datetimezone.–construct]: Unknown or bad timezone (ETC/GMT)’ in /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-event-calendar/html/options/setUserTimeZone.php:109 Stack trace: #0 /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-event-calendar/html/options/setUserTimeZone.php(109): DateTimeZone->__construct(‘ETC/GMT’) #1 /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-includes/plugin.php(395): wec_setUserTimeZone(Object(WP_User)) #2 /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-admin/user-edit.php(371): do_action(‘wec_setUserTime…’, Array) #3 /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-admin/profile.php(18): require_once(‘/home1/moorewee…’) #4 {main} thrown in /home1/moorewee/public_html/jarasport/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-event-calendar/html/options/setUserTimeZone.php on line 109


soraya says:

This is usefully plugin, thank you

Cassandra says:

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Molly says:

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