In the Spotlight: Feb 2010

From time to time we like to highlight an article that has recently been published on our sites.  It’s a great way to convey to our authors examples of the type of content that have impact on our readers.

Take a read below and see how the article we are highlighting was carefully crafted to be something to take note of!

It’s often easy to write about subjects we’re passionate about or have a lot of experience with. But it can be a lot tougher to write about things we have no interest in, and still make our writing compelling to our readers!

Super Bowl XLIV is now recorded in the sports history books, but last week our senior editor Claire was tasked with writing a post about this event. She is not a football fan. Yet she was able to write engaging content by thinking how this major event, a football game, could translate into deeper topics. Which deeper concerns of the human heart are evident in such an epic competition? Concepts like destiny, anxiety, and overcoming adversity might come to mind. The trick is in the transition: Think about how you can take people from ordinary (yet still captivating) events into the realm of the extraordinary.

For an example of how you can do this yourself, see Claire’s article “Super Bowl XLIV: Dare to DreamDon’t be content merely telling a story; take people on an adventure from that story into how it is meaningful for their own personal stories.

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How could we utilize this to this personal life?

Katherine says:

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I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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