FormBuilder 0.82

We are excited to announce the next release of the FormBuilder plugin, v. 0.82. This version contains a number of long-awaited features such as the following:

  • Added ability to export or delete specific forms from the XML backup database.
  • Added ability to translate specific front-end strings without translating the whole application.
  • Slight navigation and design reorganization for easier navigation.
  • Updated alternate_action with more robust code checking for curl library first.
  • Fixed more Windows path related problems.
  • Enabled setting checkboxes, dropdowns and radio buttons as required fields.

We hope you like this new release,. As always, if you have questions or find bugs not documented in the documentation area or FAQ, feel free to post them in the comments below.

You can download the latest edition from

UPDATE: If you are experiencing issues exporting thousands of records out of the submissions DB, Matt Heyes has created a patch that we are evaluating to roll in to the next version. Use at your own risk.

291 Responses to “FormBuilder 0.82”

Steve Wilson says:

I’m not sure. I have cleared my cache between each form submission. I receive the same error on multiple pages immediately after adding the form and testing. Here’s a test page:

Thanks for your time, James.

admin says:

Hi Steve,

I tested the form you posted and DID see the same error. Not sure what’s going on there. Do you have the ability to look in your wp_options table for an entry named “formBuilder_duplicate_hash” and tell me what it contains?

James W.

Steve Wilson says:

Thanks for your help, James. I hope this is what you are looking for. Within the entry “formBuilder_duplicate_hash”, I have the following option_value: “1198.146.59.239|/test-form||101bb15f773fe150d4c4438ec6a4cc20|8b94d00b48d773d4c60e4a2e135ff152|36f49647c137a17ca0677a7feef2e49c|24ae1e12cc9132a44ceb957b8e8f2e4a”

Hope this helps. Thanks, again, James.

admin says:

Hey Steve,

That’s the one. Problem is… it looks like it’s working fine. I’m at a loss. I have absolutely no idea why it’s doing that for you. Are you able to confirm with your hosting provider that the error message page isn’t being cached on the server-side somehow?

That’s the weird part. The code is configured NOT to send the email if it gets an error like this one, yet you say the email is going through. Also, it appears as though the duplicate hash string is being stored properly in the database, and should be different if different content is entered in the form.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what to suggest. Try testing it on a different web host?

Steve Wilson says:

Thanks for your help, James. I’ll see if I can try it on another host.

I am getting the following error message when trying to create a new form:
Unable to create new form. Attempted to run the following SQL:
INSERT INTO wp_5_formbuilder_forms(`name`,`subject`,`recipient`,`thankyoutext`) VALUES (‘New Form’, ‘Generic Website Feedback Form’, ‘’, ”);
Have you seen this error message before and if so is there a way to get around it? I really love the ease of use of your plugin and would really like to continue using it.


admin says:

Hi Rich,

It sounds like a MySQL permissions problem. Have you experienced this problem on other sites? The other possibility is that it didn’t install properly. You could try deactivating the plugin, then reactivating it, followed by a visit to the plugin admin page.

James W.

apwachholz says:

I’m running WP 2.9.1 and v0.82 of Form Builder and trying to create a default form. When I select as a field type, you can type the date in (correctly of course) but, the calendar icon / ability to to select a date is not available. Everything is default, i’ve customed nothing.

Any help is appreciated.


admin says:

Hi Andrew,

We have had the occasional problem with the jQuery library used by FormBuilder interfering with other JavaScript libraries pulled by other plugins. You could be seeing the result of a javascript conflict. Have you tried with all other plugins disabled?

James W.

apwachholz says:

Correction on the above comment…

“… when i choose as a field type i do not get the calendar icon to show up on the form…” ???? any thoughts?

Ben Spencer says:

I installed your FormBuilder plugin for several purposes on my website. One was for an Employment Application. The other forms have been working fine, however, the Employment Application seems to have bugs.

At first I had required info built into the form, and when the form was submitted, I received an error message for incompleted fields (that were not originally incomplete). While trying to fill in the fields again, I noticed that many of the fields had jumbled information or were blank. I completed the form again and clicked Send. The same thing happened.

I then went through the form and deleted all required info and error messages, saved, and published live again. I completed the form and click Send. No error message this time, however the information I received via email was inaccurate. Some fields were blank or had jumbled info.

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

Thank you for your help.


admin says:

Hi Ben,

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there. I would suggest maybe creating the form from scratch again and see if it helps. Hopefully it isn’t an indication of your blog having some sort of database corruption. You may want to try to repair the DB as well, just to be sure.

James W.

panrubius says:

Hello guys,

First off, this is an excellent tool and fits my needs ALMOST perfectly.

The only problem I’ve got is that in the output that is passed to an e-mail, there is a PAGE: and REFERRER: links. All of the other output is absolutely fine, I would just really like to know how to remove those two things from the E-mail.

Thanks in advance.

admin says:

Hi panrubius,

Those fields are included by FB automatically. We hope to make them customizable in the future.

James W.

jeromos says:


thank you for sharing you stuff.
Since version 0.82 has been released, everything works for me fine expect when changing the predefined messages. After saving the customized texts, all my Hungarian letters are shown like machine code. I guess this relies on character encoding. Due to that I changed all .php files of the plugin to UTF-8 but it did not help. What has to be manipulated for being able to store special characters?
Thank you for any reply,


admin says:

Hi Jeromos,

I’ll have to look into that. It may be a bug in how FB stores it’s text in the db.

James W.

Bill says:

We’re using a formbuilder form for a contest that is receiving a high volume of entries. Two questions:

> Our site has been running slow in recent days – is it possible that formbuilder is affecting site performance – perhaps by sending auo-generated email?

> We are unable to d/l all records at once – running into the 1000s. I notice there’s a patch for this. Has anyone encountered any difficulties with this?

admin says:

Hi Bill,

I don’t think FB should cause your site to be noticeably slower. And unless people are filling out forms, no email should be being sent. Even if email IS being sent, there shouldn’t be a huge slowdown on the site.

However, we have found on some of our higher volume sites that WP itself can tend to be a memory hog. Especially if you have a lot of plugins active. If your webserver is having issues running out of memory, that would definitely slow things down.

With regard to downloading all the records, we haven’t yet included a really good solution, however it can be done using the patch that was provided by one of our plugin users. I haven’t heard any major complaints from people about it so far. We hope to include better download support in the future.

James W.

Mary Howard says:

I am working with a hidden field in your form plug-in on a wordpress site.

I want the form data to be submitted to more than one email address.

In the past when I have worked with other forms I used a hidden field to have the form data sent to a second email address.

I don’t undersand how to use your hidden field.

I can’t see where to go in and edit the direct coding of my form.

I’m new with your product so I’m sure I’m just missing something simple here.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Oh, Here is a link to what I am working on:

admin says:

Hi Mary,

In order to have the form go to more than one person, simply put more than one email address in the form recipient field when creating the form. Separate them with comma’s.


Hope this helps,
James W.

admin says:

Insider Scoop:

I have just committed the latest updates for FormBuilder to /trunk of the FormBuilder project on It’s not listed as a major release yet, however it contains a number of improvements including a new permissions system, akismet data checking, spammer IP checking, a new unique id field type and a few bug fixes and layout tweaks. Version number is listed as 0.822. It may not be live on the site yet but when it is, it can be downloaded from

If you like to live on the cutting edge, feel free to download, and post any comments or bugs you find here.

Have a great day,
James W.

admin says:

Might want to hold off on the bleeding edge upgrade. I’ve been told there are permissions issues during upgrade.

Andrew says:


I really like this FB Plugin, but i found one bug in this plugin, I found out that FB is not working properly in IE8.

When i received the email it doesn’t have content i input in the forms.


admin says:

Hi Andrew,

That’s fun. I’m guessing by your comments that you tested other browsers?

I’ll have to break out my IE8 and give it a try. I haven’t heard this complaint from others though so I’m not sure what would be going on there.

James W.

admin says:

Hey again Andrew,

Can you fill out the sample FB form using IE8 and I’ll take a look at what comes through?

James W.

admin says:

Bleeding Edge Release:

I’ve just uploaded my latest work on FormBuilder to It fixes the previously mentioned permissions bugs, reorganizes files for better organization and speed, and completely overhauls the jQuery javascript library with a much lighter and faster library.

Can be downloaded here:

I’ve tested the upgrade process on WP 3.0 alpha, and everything seems to work well.

Be warned, it still may have some bugs, but I’d love to hear about your experiences.

James W.

Andrew says:


I filled up your test form.

The problems i’ve got in FB, in FF3,IE6,IE7, Chrome, safari 4,is sometimes when I’m sending the filled forms, I didn’t received the email but it stores fine in the database.

In IE8 I’m receiving the email but it doesn’t have the content i filled in the forms.

Thank you very much!

Brad Pennock says:

I’m getting the following errors displayed on the Stored Results page of FormBuilder v0.82:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for preg_match() in /media/html/site/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/extensions/formbuilder_xml_db_results.class.php on line 434

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /media/html/site/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/extensions/formbuilder_xml_db_results.class.php on line 250

I’m unable to save form submissions as well. My server has PHP 4.3.2

Any ideas?

James says:

Hi Brad,

You are running a version of PHP that is probably too old for this plugin. Looks like v. 4.3.3 introduced a few new parameters to the preg_match function which the plugin is making use of. See the changelog here:

James W.

Jeff says:


Is there a way I can increase the the length of the width of the “single line text box”? It is a bit small for a url address. I snooped around in the css but could not find a specific reference other than the 98% for it. I am not a css expert, but know how to change a value.


Jeff says:

When I fill out a form, it comes back saying “Form Problem: You have already submitted this form data once.” And the form remains on the page. I even made just the generic form and put it on another page. Here are the pages:


PS. Using version 0.822 but had same problem with 0.82


I tried the [formbuilder:#] tag so I could have control over the position of the form. It did position it where I wanted it, but it also repeated the form at the bottom of the page. It even gave an error message after I submitted it saying the response had already been done.

It seems like a good plugin, but needs a little more work!

Colin G

Colin, is the form selected in the dropdown box as well? It should not be… unless you want it twice.

Tom says:

Love the Form builder plugin but am having trouble with email on this application.


Your message has NOT been sent successfully.
Mail server error. Unable to send email using the built-in WordPress mail controls.

Tried a email address from the actual domain but didn’t fix it. Also enabled the alternate email function. Go Daddy service had no clue.

It did work correctly once in early testing but when I changed the email address to my client’s, It failed.

Any suggestions?

James says:

Hi Tom,

For some reason we have not had the best success on GoDaddy. I’m not sure if it’s their anti-spam controls or what, but something tends to block the emails from being sent out. If you find out more info from their tech people, I’d love to hear it.

James W.

tmcnewmedia says:


I love this plugin, but I wonder if it’s possible to get FormBuilder to auto clear the form fields on user focus?

James says:

Hi tmcnewmedia,

Great suggestion. I’ll make a note of it for possible future versions.

James W.

Vin says:

If you are having issues with piping in select, checkbox, ect then this may be a fix. Open up formbuilder.php in your wp-plugin directory in /formbuilder and find and replace


with this

I am not sure if that screws up anything else but I could not find a reference to the $option_original_value. Hope that helps someone. So you would put data in this order value|label in your dropdown list. This gives you the ability to have separate labels and values.

Thank you so much for the Plugin James, it’s just what I needed:)

Vin says:

Please disregard my remark above all but the thank you is still accurate:) I was wanting to have a “Select One” in my dropdowns so I had to work around a little bit so that it would still throw an error if they left the box alone and did not select something else besides “Select One”. Everything works good, excellent man!

Vin says:

I have modified the code just a bit to make it easy for the form to recognize when a selection in a selctbox is not picked. Example:

Select One…

In this case the form does not know that the form should not process if Select One… is kept as the choice. I have made a simple hack for it to throw the error if Select One… is chosen and it works great, changes take about 2 minutes.

Also is there a way to carry over the inserted ID of the new form insert to the db? I am using external form processor and need to capture the id.

James says:

Hi Vin,

Sounds like you’re pushing FB to it’s limits! Cool. Unfortunately, unless you add a hack or module to do the form processing in FB, it doesn’t track the insert ID.

James W.

Hi. I’m trying to move existing forms from one server/blog to another.

Does the “Added ability to export or delete specific forms from the XML backup database” in v.82 allow exporting forms or just form data? If it does allow for exporting forms, how is this done?

I don’t mind just exporting directly from SQL and reimporting that way (rather than using the export feature from within WP), but I wonder if you could tell me how to manage the SQL file regarding the ID field?

It seems I need to remove the ID field so I don’t import the ID’s but allow them to be generated on import.

If I delete the ID field (in a text editor) then I guess I also need to delete all of the ID entries, but there are many of them within the many tables I have, and it would be a tedious process.

Is there a better way to export the SQL file so that the ID field is not included in the export? Or is there a way to import with the ID field and not get ‘duplication’ type errors?


admin says:

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately the system doesn’t support exporting of FB forms themselves, just the form related email.

This is a feature we’re hoping to implement in the future, but so far hasn’t happened.

Bruce Shortz says:

Problem with date stamp … I’m getting dd/mm/yyyy and would like mm/dd/yyyy as more commonly used … I’ve looked into PHP, however, can’t find line or code to change. Will you please advise.
By the way … fantastic plug in. Much appreciated.

Quenerapu says:

Thank you very much for FormBuilder. It is really useful! But I have a feature request (or well maybe I’m asking for a tip to get what I want). Is there a way to insert separators into a form? A simple Title is enough (yes I know I can insert “Page breaks” but I miss a less dramatic solution to separate sections in a form.

Thank you very much for your help!

admin says:

Hi Quenerapu,

The form Comments fields should allow you to do that. They’re intended for the form designer to insert comments at various places in the form. I believe they also support HTML code.

Jonathan says:

Hi, thanks for building formbuilder. It has helped me without problems to create good contact forms.

I have a small request:
Sort the options under field type & required data alphabetical.
I don’t know if it has something to code with the structure of the code, but it should be standard..

And I have a second question also, is it possible to change the formatting of the generated email?
I don’t know why all letters in the first words are uppercase.

Thanks for your help.

admin says:

Hi Jonathan,

Good suggestions re switching field types and required data to alphabetical. I think right now they just show up in whatever order I entered them.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change the formatting of the email at this time. As this plugin was essentially built to fill a need we had as an organization, it’s design was constructed around our needs.

James W.

Johan says:


Amazing stuff you have made.

I have an hard task to figure out.. I have a member blog/site, you have to be logged in to use the form. I want to store the userinfo in the form so i can see wich user that have posted it.. is that possible?

thank you very much in advice!

admin says:

Hey Johan,

This is a feature we hope to implement in the future. At this point, it is not set up though.

Brookfresh says:

Hi all. good looking plugin you have here, stands out from the rest.

I havea couple of problems though, IM new to WP so forgive me if they are obvious errors on my part.

When I try and add a new field or when I try and change the field type of one of the existing fields I get ‘ERROR. Your form failed to save.’

any help woyl be appreciated

I’m running WP 2.9.2 and v0.82 of Form Builder, and I’ve created a simple form that uses an “alternate action” to post-process the form (in this case, it’s an email list manager called Mailchimp).

I’d like to have the form redirect to a new page on successful submit, but I’m having trouble.

1. I created a “followup page” in my form, but since I’m using the “alternate POST action,” Formbuilder doesn’t redirect to my custom confirmation page.

Instead, it stays on my form page, but appends the link

2. My alternate form POST processor allows me to redirect on their side, but instead of doing a real redirect, Formbuilder is trying to insert a whole web page inside the original form space – like an iframe would look.

How can I put in a REAL redirect AND use alternate POST processing in Formbuilder ?

Here is a screenshot of Case 2:

admin says:

Hey Nick,

It looks like you’re trying to connect FB to a system not designed to accept FB data. What you may need to do is build a custom PHP script which collects the form data, resubmits it to MailChimp, and then returns a meta refresh tag to FormBuilder in order to redirect the visitor to your followup page. FB will print whatever the alternate action returns to it.

Alternatively, you could do this by creating a custom FB module to do all this natively within FB.

James W.

Steph says:

I’m using Form Builder for a client and I just tested as we were trying to take the site live – and I’m glad I did! None of the contacts are coming through! I’ve tried several emails – they’re not going to spam – I’ve changed the Alternate Email Handling setting and nothing is working.

What’s going on? Can anyone help? I need this work! Please!!

Mary Howard says:

Hello Steph,

Your problem sounds similar to mine above,

Simply use a comma , between each email you want it sent to and see if that works.

If you post a link to your sample form I would be glad to try it out or you…


Jacci says:

Hi I’m wanting the same date format as Bruce:
Problem with date stamp … I’m getting dd/mm/yyyy and would like mm/dd/yyyy as more commonly used

By the way … fantastic plug in. Much appreciated.

Gregg says:

I have a linux server with WordPress nstalled inside our firwall for our private net customers. I’ve tried the Form Builder e-mail send process even with the Alternate E-mail method without any success. I need a way to define a SMTP Smart Host so that I can identify our Exchange Server for the Form e-mail process to send the e-mails.

David says:

There is probably a simple answer to this. I have a dropdown and I want to make one of the option values listed as the default selected option. How can I do this?

admin says:

Hi David,

I think all you should need to do in order to make that work is have your default option be the first on the list with no options above it.

Joslin says:


I’ve create a form with several fields but when I go to the stored data only a few of the fields have saved information. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

admin says:

Hi Joslin,

You’ll want to make sure all your form fields have unique names. I suspect that’s the source of your problem.

Lewis says:


Great little plugin you’ve got here, I’ve managed to get it all working except one thing; I can’t work out how to change the width of the actual form.

I’ve edited formbuilder_style.css – the following code found on lines 30 – 37:
/* Generic Display Controls */
.formBuilderForm div.formBuilderComment {
font-style: italic;
padding: 4px;
margin: 4px 0 4px 0;
clear: both;
float: left;
width: 95%

I changed the width to 40% but didn’t see any change in the form.

I’m using a skin that was custom built from scratch for me so I guess that might be causing the problems?

Literally all I need to to shrink the width of the form by 50% or so and I’ll be good to go, any ideas how I do this?


Lewis says:

Never mind, got it sorted!

All I needed to do was turn off the ‘Standard CSS’ option the FormBuilder settings. 🙂

Lewis says:

One last problem I’ve got with this script.

I’ve got the template working fine, but now when I fill out all the option boxes and hit submit, it acts like I’ve missed a box out.
Just above the input boxes it gives me this error message:

Form Problem:

You seem to have missed or had mistakes in the following required field(s).


Normally if I’d missed out a named box there it would say:

* Name

I’m presuming this is something to do with the anti-spam system of putting in a hidden box that only computers can see.
I tried this with that anti spam option left to its default as well as a custom setting, still the same problem.

Really no idea what’s causing this…

admin says:

Hi Lewis,

Sounds like you have created a required field on your form which either isn’t being displayed, or isn’t set up properly. The reverse-captcha field should NOT be required.

Also, make sure all your form fields have unique field names. The latest development of FB should help with that.

James W.

Maor says:

I’ve encountered a collision using FormBuilder 0.82 and mee-news plugin (, that handles newsletter subscribing and distributing.
That meee-news plugin has a built in sidebar widget form to let users subscribe to newsletter, but whenever subscribing to the newsletter via that plugin’s form, this warning is being displayed:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /…/wp-content/plugins/meenews/frontManage.php:14) in /…/wp-content/plugins/formbuilder/captcha/CaptchaSecurityImages.php on line 26

If I turn the formbuilder off, the warming message disappears. Also, I use the mee-news plugin on another blog with a contact form 7 plugin, and there I don’t get that warning in the mee-news.

I want to keep using FormBuilder, how can this error be fixed?


admin says:

Hey Maor,

That looks like a bug in mee-news. Apparently it starts writing output to the screen on line 14 of frontManage.php. FormBuilder has to set up sessions in order to allow the CAPTCHA functions to work, but if another plugin has already written something to the screen, those sessions won’t work.

Check out what might be at that line of the plugin, or ask the plugin author to make sure the plugin doesn’t output anything before it should.

Mads says:

Hey, I’m getting this error, when I use the Alternate Action. I have not been able to find that much documentation on the Alternate Action mode on your site. The reason I want to use the Alternate Action mode is to be able to make a opt-in action. (Read: Suggestion to make a option in a future version 🙂

Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /customers/ on line 104

Hope you can help with my problem?

admin says:

Hey Mads,

That error indicates that the required CURL libraries are disabled or not available in your PHP installation. You’ll need to contact your website host about enabling them.

James W.

Oliver says:


is there maybe a sample code where I can have look how to put two form fields next to each other.

first name
last name
street name | street number
zip code | city

Unfortunately I don’t know how to start this.
Maybe someone can help me out.


Alex says:

Can you please provide a roll-back/previous version of formbuilder so I can reinstall? I have over 20 forms on a high-volume website, all of which are broken now. I believe they worked prior to this update.


Check out the WordPress Plugin Directory; I think you’ll find what you need there. 🙂

Nic says:

Hi there,
is there a solution to the emails not being sent problem that i have read a few times?

The form is storing the data, but not sending the emails.

I noticed the godaddy reference, just wondering if this has been sorted?

Well done on the plugin, saves me hours of time.


Russ says:

Form seems to work fine and sends to my email fine but when I submit the form even using different sample data and email I get the pink warning box displaying and saying

“Form Problem:

You have already submitted this form data once.”

Any suggestions?

Schalk Joubert says:

My datestamp just stopped working?
I upgraded my plugin, and I use wordpress 2.9.2

Any idea why?

Steve says:

any update on the godaddy issue?

Andy says:

Adpoted a site from someone else.
I can create a form but cannot edit or save any changes, i get the message Error: your form failed to save. Nor can i delete forms.
I have deactivated and reactivated the plugin, removed the settings and reinstalled them from MySQL, the account i am using has full WP rights and full MySQL rights.
Could you tell me how to get this working as its very urgent.

James says:

Hi Andy,

I hope to release a new version of FormBuilder soon which should address this problem. I *believe* the solution to your problem has been found and documented here:

I hope to incorporate these changes into FB as soon as I am able.

James W.

George says:

•WordPress version : 2.7.1
•FormBuilder version : 0.82
•PHP version :
•MySQL version : 5.1.30
•The error message you received :..No error.
•The steps you took leading up to the problem :
Create an autoresponse with a “from name” and “from email”.
Create a form and link to the autoresponse.
Create a page and link to the form.

Test the form and I get two emails… (1) with everthing I entered in the autoresponse… EXCEPT the from name and email is not the one I entered it is the default admin. I have enabled the “Alternate Email Handling: Enabled”. How to ensure that the from name and email is what is set in the auto response???

We are hosting our own instance of WP and can make any change needed to fix this issue.

Thanks… George

James says:

Hi George,

This is a by-product of using the alternate email handling system. In order to try and make things work as bug-free as possible, we use all the default WP settings when this is enabled. If you disable it, the email should be sent using the proper name.

James W.

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