FormBuilder 0.82

We are excited to announce the next release of the FormBuilder plugin, v. 0.82. This version contains a number of long-awaited features such as the following:

  • Added ability to export or delete specific forms from the XML backup database.
  • Added ability to translate specific front-end strings without translating the whole application.
  • Slight navigation and design reorganization for easier navigation.
  • Updated alternate_action with more robust code checking for curl library first.
  • Fixed more Windows path related problems.
  • Enabled setting checkboxes, dropdowns and radio buttons as required fields.

We hope you like this new release,. As always, if you have questions or find bugs not documented in the documentation area or FAQ, feel free to post them in the comments below.

You can download the latest edition from

UPDATE: If you are experiencing issues exporting thousands of records out of the submissions DB, Matt Heyes has created a patch that we are evaluating to roll in to the next version. Use at your own risk.

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